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Cronier Wines products for sale in Zambia

Cronier Wines, which makes wines of distinction in Wellington, South Africa and distributes it to wine connoisseurs worldwide. Cronier Wines captures the character and vibrancy of Cape Winelands, steeped in history and bearing the rich legacy and cultivation of world-class wines. In 1698, the two Cronier brothers arrived at the Cape of Good Hope on the ship, Driebergen. Granted ownership of the farms Olyvenhout and Champagne. The vines planted in this fertile soil and excellent winemaking terroir produce the very best grapes for making fine wines. In that tradition, Cronier Wines brings you a pledge of quality and the art of winemaking in every bottle.
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Cronier - Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Blend image
Delightful cherry overtones, intense colour, the nose full of ripe fruit with chocolate and figgy overtones.
Cronier - Chenin Blanc image
Full fruity nose with whiffs of pineapple, pear and honey. Citrus, nettle and honeyed tones on a soft dry finish.
Cronier - Le Mieux image
This unique blend of noble cultivars is deep in ruby colour with a lovely concentration of blackberry, plum and red currant fruits on the nose. The palate is rich in ripe berries with hints of mocha and chocolate. The tannins are firm yet accessible.
Cronier - Merlot image
A rich concentrated wine with hints of rich oak and soft spices backed by notes of plum and cherry.
Cronier - Naturally Sweet Rose image
An attractive soft pink colour, with a bouquet of rose petal, strawberry and cloves.
Cronier - Naturally Sweet White image
A crisp and clean natural sweet wine with a perfect fruit/acid balance.