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Fitch & Leedes products for sale in Zambia

Fitch and Leedes is a company in Nambia, Africa that makes quality mixers that blend well with gin, whiskey, vodka, brandy and malt liquor. The products are distributed by Chill Beverages. These products are made in small batches using filtered water. It is described as the mixer for the discerning individual.
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Fitch and Leedes - Spicy Ginger Beer image
A true ginger beer, spiced to please.
Fitch and Leedes - Pink Tonic image
We have created a perfectly balanced tonic with a refreshing taste and aroma.
Fitch and Leedes - Pink Tonic Lite image
The lighter side of Pink Tonic.
Fitch and Leedes - Peach Lemonade image
A refreshing peach lemonade with a traditional palette.
Fitch and Leedes - Lemonade image
We have created a perfect mixer for the best vodkas, gins or rums.
Fitch and Leedes - IndianTonic Lite image
Indian Tonic, also in sugar free.