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Logistics management businesses in Zambia

Logistics management is the supply chain management that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective, transportation and storage of goods. These services and the related information systems that enable this movement between the point of origin and the point of consumption meeting the customer's requirements are supplied by businesses listed in these categories. It includes the distribution and merchandising of goods, the import and export of goods, the procurement, storage and warehousing of goods.
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Umoyo Natural Health image
Umoyo Natural Health
Lusaka +10
In order to guarantee that their customers were getting the highest quality of popular health products at the best price, Umoyo launched its own range of health products. These products are available at wholesale for anyone who wishes to stock them in a retail outlet.
ETG Commodities Zambia image
ETG Commodities Zambia
ETG Commodities Zambia has strategically built up to date storage and warehousing facilities including grain elevators, liquid oil tanks and barns to store their commodities. To the farmers, ETG offers product quality and quantity verification as well as controls, sampling of commodities, laboratory analysis and general warehouse management services.
Wright Line Logistics Investments Ltd image
Count on Wright Line Logistics Investments for all your import and export needs. Whether you want to import/export perishable goods, vehicles or equipment, their team can determine if your cargo should be transported by air, ground or sea. They will also ensure a timely and smooth transit of your goods.
Cardinal Distributors Ltd image
Cardinal Distributors Ltd
Distribution and Merchandising
Cardinal Distributors imports batteries, fabrics, blankets and various other items around Zambia. This company is also a sole distributor of the TI range of bicycles. Cardinal aims to provide an ideal distribution service and experience through its expertise, strategic networks and vast amount of experience for its suppliers and customers.
Go Vino Ltd image
Go Vino Ltd
Distribution and Merchandising
Go Vino Ltd supplies wholesale wines to hotels, restaurants, wine bars, catering companies and supermarkets. Their team will help you select wines that best suit your customers' expectations, and supply your drinks requirements whatever the level.
Mama Africa Enterprises Ltd image
Mama Africa Enterprises Ltd
Distribution and Merchandising
With many years experience in the field of importing and distributing, Mama Africa Enterprises is a leading wholesale distributor and marketing company that specialises in supplying Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). The company also distributes various stationary and catering supplies to hotels and restaurants.
Wright Line Logistics Investments Ltd image
Wright Line Logistics Investments Ltd
Storage and warehousing
Wright Line Logistics Investments offers short, medium and long term warehousing and storage of cargo. Their facilities are equipped with CCTV, electronic theft and fire alarms backed by round-the-clock security personnel for additional security.
Dream Cosmetics Zambia image
Dream Cosmetics Zambia
Distribution and Merchandising
Are you a business owner that supplies cosmetics or offers beauty treatment services? DIMD Zambia offers you a wide selection of Dream Cosmetics' beauty, skincare and personal care products at wholesale prices. Their team will ensure that once your order is received, it will be processed in the shortest time possible.
Food Reserve Agency (FRA) image
Food Reserve Agency (FRA)
Grain storage
After procurement, it is critical that necessary measures are put in place to store grains for long periods of time without spoilage. To this effect, FRA working with the government has constructed a good number of storage facilities across the country. The goal is to ensure that everything that is harvested by the farmer is easily transported and stored properly.
Splashh Cleaning Chemicals image
Splashh Cleaning Chemicals
Wholesale cleaning products
Are you a business owner that wants to buy cleaning chemicals and personal hygiene products in bulk? Splashh Cleaning Chemicals supplies an extensive range of products at wholesale prices. Visit their online store above, confident that they will have the products you need. If what you are looking for is not listed or you need it in a specific quantity or packaging, you can get in touch for assistance.
The Big Green Box image
The Big Green Box
Container storage
The Big Green Box Zambia is your number one secure self storage provider in the country. Their secure onsite 20 foot container storage options include the option to rent an entire container, small 5 cubic meter storage or shelving storage.
LSO Contractors image
LSO Contractors
Specialised sourcing and supplies
Lusaka +2
Supported by an advanced logistics capability, LSO Contractors specialises in sourcing and supplying a wide selection of building materials as well as plant, ICT, medical, educational and safety equipment. The company has developed wide network bases and strong relationships with well-established supply partners.
Elbaliz Holdings Ltd image
Elbaliz Holdings Ltd
Import and export
Dar es Salaam
Elbaliz Holding undertake all customs formalities for local imports into Tanzania, transit shipments to landlocked countries and transit exports from neighboring countries. The company also handles full containers and loose packages through sea freight or airfreight mode.
Dynamax Distribution Ltd image
Dynamax Distribution Ltd
Distribution and Merchandising
Dynamax Distribution supply batteries, torches, shaving razors, calculators, media storage products, watches and clocks, office stationery and accessories, office equipment and solar rechargeable lights. The company offers competitive prices, on-time delivery and unrivalled service to all of its customers.
Danish Concrete Hardener
Become a distributor
Danish Concrete Hardener is looking for individuals and hardware stores that can distribute their innovative concrete hardener. When you become a distributor, you will purchase their product at discounted rates and give your customer the best price combination. You will also receive in-depth training and technical support to help you sell.
Stuttafords Zambia Ltd
Storage service
Stuttafords Zambia offers long and short term storage services of a wide selection of personal and commercial goods. Their warehouses are fitted with the latest CCTV and alarm systems - security personnel are also available 24/7. Your goods will be insured whilst in their facilities.
Edomax Procurement Solutions Ltd
Procurement services
Edomax Procurement Solutions sources computers and accessories, as well as work-place consumables. The company has built a network of trusted suppliers to meet its clients' needs and cost requirements. Products supplied include computers, printers, photocopying machines, scanners, servers, tonners and stationery.
Associated Printers offers state-of-the-art, secure document storage services including physical, electronic and computerised options. The company has put in place stringent security measures in their secure storage area, ensuring the confidentiality of documents and information.
Juba Transport Ltd
Distribution and Merchandising
With a fleet of over 60 modern vehicles, Juba Transport specialises in transporting bulk dry cargo and explosives within and outside Zambia. The company is committed to providing high quality services coupled with effective management so as to provide outstanding transportation services that meet customer expectations.
JPSM Innovations Ltd
Import and export
Lusaka +3
JPSM Innovations specialises in the export and import of goods world wide at competitive rates and all import and export fees and taxes are carefully calculated. Their experienced team will assist and provide you with reliable, transparent, and personalized service, covering every detail of shipping your goods around the world.
Proplast Zambia
Proplast Zambia imports, stocks and distributes various products for the plastic industry including machinery, polymers, additives, inks and fillers. Since the market in Zambia is comparatively small but growing, most manufacturers cannot take up a container load of specialised materials on their own.
Kept Cool Ltd
Distribution and Merchandising
Food distribution for retail markets using road transport refrigeration are required to operate reliably in much harsher operating conditions. Kept Cool refrigerated transport provides a reliable service ensuring that your perishables are safely purchased, stored, transported and delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Celtic Freight
Storage and warehousing
Celtic Freight renders storage and warehousing services that includes storage and consolidation of cargo delivered into the Lusaka terminal. For either direct deliveries to client's door or convenient collection the company offers practical storage ideas to help organize and protect cargo by issuing high levels of security.

Logistics management

Logistics management is the supply chain management that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective, transportation and storage of goods. These services and the related information systems that enable this movement between the point of origin and the point of consumption meeting the customer's requirements are supplied by businesses listed in these categories. It includes the distribution and merchandising of goods, the import and export of goods, the procurement, storage and warehousing of goods.
If you are looking to move goods to retail outlets, or if you are searching for merchandising tools such as displays and demonstrations, then check the companies below. Companies that hold large stock of products and market them by wholesaling and providing a distribution service will be listed here. Businesses that specialize in the sales, distribution and merchandising of all types of goods to the retail trade including nationwide department stores, discount stores, book shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, gift shops, hospital shops, newsagents, garden centres, independent retailers in Zambia can be found here.
Zambia has its own laws and regulations for the import and export of goods into and out of the country, which the customs authority enforces. The import or export of some goods may be restricted or forbidden. Companies that will assist you in the importation and exportation of goods are conversant with the regulations and can be found here. There are also companies that will import goods for distribution and resale here and others that will export goods for foreign makets.
Procurement – the acquisition of goods or services at the best possible price, of the right quality and quantity, available on time and at the required location. Companies operating in Zambia that specialise in this important business function are found here. Procurement companies often specialize in certain sectors or products. This may be for the mining industry or the government. Others will specialize by product such food supplies or machinery. These businesses are often familiar with the rules and regulations of tendering for supply.
Service providers who provide storage facilities for the short or long term periods can be found here. Goods are kept in a safe and secure environment, in lockable containers or warehouses. These companies will own warehouses which are commercial buildings for storage of goods. Warehouses are used by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport businesses, customs and are usually large plain buildings in industrial areas of cities and towns. Some of these are fulfilment houses that specializes in product fulfilment services, on behalf of the product owner.