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Building supplies businesses in Zambia

Find Building supplies in Zambia on Infobwana. These are available from a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers. In the building trade in Zambia, building supplies and materials are used for the construction of homes, office blocks and manufacturing units. Building supplies are featured on Infobwana in small units for one off purchases as well as in bulk for construction companies for larger property development projects.
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Cure Chem Zambia Ltd image
Cure Chem Zambia Ltd
Paint chemicals
Cure Chem Zambia is fast becoming a one stop shop for all architectural paint manufacturing chemical raw material requirements. The company has partnered with reputable and top of the range manufactures for binders, titanium dioxide, solvents and all other additives for both PVA and Alkyd paint manufacturing.
Steel Valley Ltd image
Steel Valley Ltd
Structural steel fabrication
Steel Valley Steel Fabricators honors itself in know-how and understanding of the engineering involved in the design, fabrication and erection of structural steel. Steel work is fabricated off-site under controlled conditions, ensuring a high-quality product and finish. Most steel work used in the structure is recyclable. Steel Valley Ltd prides itself in supplying malls, warehouses, petrol stations, hospitals, hotels, etc.
Africab image
Electrical supplies and appliances
Go to Africab for all types of wires, cables, conductors, distribution boards, switch gears, PVC conduit pipes and trunking, drop out fuses, surge arrestors and insulators as well as metering and surveying equipment. The company also supplies a wide selection of appliances including cooling fans, water heaters, water pumps, air compressors, welding machines and motors.
Ola Zambia image
Ola Zambia
Building materials
Meet every need you have for your building project by shopping a wide variety of high-quality building materials and tools from Ola Zambia. Products available include but are not limited to floor tiles, roof tiles, wall tiles, mosaic tiles as well as doors and windows.
Rugare Enterprises Ltd image
Rugare Enterprises Ltd
Flow meters and accessories
Do you want to measure how much water is pumped from A to B? Or how much groundwater is extracted from a particular area? Rugare Enterprises offers a range of Flowmetrix SA and Eesiflo flowmeters. Their products have earned a reputation for superior quality, dependability, ease of use, durability and value for money.
Steel Valley Ltd image
Steel Valley Ltd
Aluminium and wood works
With state-of-the-art equipment and a highly skilled team, Steel Valley manufactures a wide selection of aluminium balustrades, partitions as well as exquisite and rustic custom made wooden furniture. This company is committed producing superior quality products, along with a dedication to customer satisfaction.
Zambezi Steel image
Zambezi Steel
Light steel framing
Zambezi Steel's latest and most advanced technology has just arrived, this company manufactures a wide variety of LSF© light steel frames. This is the future of steel and provides a massive saving in cost and time when you are building. Light steel frames are designed to be super strong and light at the same time.
Zambezi Steel image
Zambezi Steel
Roofing materials
Zambezi Steel manufactures premium quality galvanized roofing sheets using genuine Chromadek®. All their roofing is certified with a 10-year manufacturer warranty against peeling or fading. This company manufactures to any length and has a variety of attractive colours.
Steel Lines Zambia image
Steel Lines Zambia
Building materials
Steel Lines seeks to mitigate the need for companies operating in Zambia to import their operation-critical steel products. The company ensures to provide an outstanding service through teamwork, experience, accountability and a focus on the needs of its customers and is constantly seeking new ways to exceed its customers' expectations.
Alumin Structures Zambia image
Alumin Structures Zambia
Aluminium windows and doors
Alumin Structures Zambia is a leading supplier of high-quality aluminium doors and windows, shop fronts, office partitions, flash glazing, shower cubicles and display counters. Fittings are cut to your exact specifications and come in various finishes as well as colours to suit your requirements. The Alumin Structures workshop is equipped with the latest fabrication equipment that is operated by highly qualified engineers, draughtsmen and technicians in Zambia.
Garant Zambia image
Garant Zambia
Building materials
Garant Zambia produces and supplies only the finest quality adhesives, plaster cornices, decorative beadings, ceiling centerpieces, 3D panels, and other plaster moldings. From the onset, their aim has always been to deliver their services with extreme professionalism and to ensure that all of their customers are left feeling completely satisfied.
Robo Afrique Zambia image
Robo Afrique Zambia
Trellis doors and burglar bars
Robo Afrique Zambia knows how important it is to secure your home/office. Thanks to its innovative manufacturing systems, this company supplies and installs orders of trellis doors and burglar bars in just three working days for Lusaka residents. All products are custom-made to suit your needs, ensuring your maximum security level.
Liener Investments image
Liener Investments
Waterproofing and floor finishing products
Liener Investments is an official distributor of Sika, Alcolin and Verni waterproofing, reinforcing, flooring and epoxy art (resin kits, pigments and powders) supplies in Zambia. By using Liener’s range of products, you are guaranteed of water tight and leak free results. They will stop water penetrating through your roof, preventing costly water damage to your building.
Boss Aluminium & Construction image
Boss Aluminium & Construction
Aluminium windows and doors
Boss Aluminium & Construction are leading manufacturers of high quality aluminium door and window solutions. Their range of aluminium products and fittings incorporate sleek, contemporary aluminium frames. They are available in a wide range of stylish colours to complement both internal and external colour schemes.
Rapid Aluminium Ltd image
Rapid Aluminium Ltd
Rapid Aluminium has over 50 qualified experts specialising in the fabrication and installation of aluminium and glass frames, shop fronts, windows, doors, curtain walls, shower enclosures, glass balustrades, skylights and shade control. This company's experience and projects worked on ranges from residential, builder developer and architectural projects (special builds and requests). Some key projects worked on include shopping malls, banks, hospitals, hotels as well as resorts.
ClassEcon Roofing Africa Ltd image
ClassEcon Roofing Africa Ltd
Roofing materials
Incorporated in 2010, and backed by a UK investment company, this is a manufacturer and supplier of all types of roofing and steel products. This company has acquired ultra-modern world class equipment to manufacture standard profiles with the latest features. ClassEcon supply all types of roofing materials and accessories.
Best Buy Lighting image
Best Buy Lighting
Electrical supplies
The Best Buy Lighting showroom is a one-stop shop for all kinds of electrical parts such as genuine Philips lights, control gear, Chint switches, sockets, fuse boxes, CBI and Chint circuit breakers, trunking enclosures, distribution point boxes, electrical cables and Chint enclosures.
Uniturtle Industries Zambia Ltd image
Uniturtle Industries Zambia Ltd
Turtle Tiles & Bricks
Lusaka +18
Boasting over six different shapes, multiple configurations and various colour choices, your options at Turtle Tiles & Bricks are numerous. Their expertise ranges from heavy industrial applications, residential driveways, walkways, and backyards of all sizes. The team can install bricks and tiles in numerous locations.
Just Aluminium Ltd image
Just Aluminium Ltd
Aluminium windows and doors
Just Aluminium can supply a variety of fittings and ironmongery for construction projects, both large and small. This company offers its well-known prefabricated aluminium windows, doors and partitions manufactured in Zambia, as well as imported architectural hardware by Häfele, Yale and others.
Harvey Products Ltd image
Harvey Products Ltd
Roofing materials
Harvey Products roofing tiles have evolved into one of the sturdiest and most attractive roofing systems available on the market. With a strict code of professionalism, quality and service in place, the company has an excellent reputation with builders and homeowners alike. Harvey products are sold to customers at competitive rates.
Master Glass image
Master Glass
Melamine boards
Master Glass provides high-quality melamine boards used to make kitchen and wardrobe furniture. The boards are durable and come in a wide variety of colors and textures to choose from. The company provides custom cutting, edging and routing services to fit your requirements and specifications.
Master Glass image
Master Glass
Glass and mirrors
Master Glass specialises in custom cut glass and mirrors, window glass replacement as well as commercial glass glazing, cutting and polishing services. The company is dedicated to providing excellent products and services to its customers for all of their glass and mirror needs at competitive prices.
Free Flow Gutters Zambia Ltd image
Free Flow Gutters Zambia Ltd
Building materials
Free Flow Gutters supplies and fits aluminium guttering in gauges 0.6mm to 0.8mm-for complex profile gutters, very large gutters or just one-off gutters to suit any roof and guttering is 150mm Industrial O. G. (old Gothic ) formed. The company gives a two year workmanship guarantee and a 10 year product guarantee.

Building supplies

Find Building supplies in Zambia on Infobwana. These are available from a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers. In the building trade in Zambia, building supplies and materials are used for the construction of homes, office blocks and manufacturing units. Building supplies are featured on Infobwana in small units for one off purchases as well as in bulk for construction companies for larger property development projects.
Find all kinds of electrical supplies for the construction industry in Zambia. These products include raw materials for the installation of electrical systems in buildings and the wholesale supply of household electrical goods and items related to large scale developments. Find suppliers of heating units, all your electrical cable needs, ventilation and refrigeration, fans, sockets, switches, security devices supplying products like lamps and lighting, cable and trunking, ventilation and air circulation products, electrical fittings, electric showers, power distribution, electrical tools and accessories.
Roofing materials are the outermost layer on the roof of a building, sometimes self-supporting, but generally supported by an underlying structure. A building's roofing material provides shelter from the natural elements, and insulation against heat and cold. The outer layer of a roof shows great variation dependent upon availability of material, and the nature of the supporting structure. In Zambia roofing material those types of roofing material which are commercially available range from natural products such as thatch can be grass thatch to corrugated iron sheets, asbestos sheets, concrete tiles, iron tiles and baked clay tiles and slate to tiles and polycarbonate sheeting.
Building materials in Zambia are available from a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers. These are the products needed in the building trade, for the construction of property in Zambia such as homes, office blocks and manufacturing units. Building materials are available for small one off purchases as well as construction companies looking for bulk quantities for larger property developments. Building materials include cement, concrete block, bricks, paving stone and brick kerbs.
Aluminium windows and doors are used for both large and small building projects to create plenty of light and a modern, clean and design-led image. These suppliers stock and fit aluminium products to a high specification. They assemble and install prefabricated aluminium fittings and furniture, aluminium folding doors, aluminium stack away doors, aluminium sliding windows and sliding doors, aluminium casement windows, aluminium louvre systems and aluminium office partitioning systems. Frames are made of aluminium at least 2mm thick, with safety glass inserted into the frames.
Typically prefabricated construction is carried out prior to delivery of units to a building site, enabling a building programme to be completed quickly and efficiently. Historically these have been regarded as cheaper building alternatives. However with new technologies, it is possible to find high quality and durable prefabricated structures.
Plumbing is the system of pipes, drains fittings, valves, valve assemblies, and devices installed in a building for the distribution of water for drinking, heating and washing, and the removal of waterborne wastes, A plumber is someone who installs or repairs piping systems. Plumbing fixtures and equipment bathtubs, wash basins, bidets, drains, taps, h0se bibs, kitchen sinks, lavatories, showers, water taps and their accessories, such as water spouts and shower heads, terminal valves for dishwashers, ice makers, humidifiers. Others are urinals, utility sinks and flush toilets.

Every building project needs quality building supplies to get the job done. As, we have put together reliable Zambian building supply companies to ensure everything you need can be found in one place, with all the information you need for a smooth project.

Products supplied

  • Blocks & bricks
  • Aluminium windows and doors
  • Electrical supplies
  • Plumbing fixtures and fittings
  • Roofing materials
  • Timber
  • Cement and aggregates
  • Insulation
  • Guttering
  • Cladding
  • Lintels
  • Water and damp proofing

Why buy quality building supplies

For sturdy and durable construction, quality inputs are essential for quality results. Such products are able to reach peak performance, ensuring their durability and less risk of them having to be replaced.

For both the short and long term, high quality building supplies ensure that you save on costs. Other materials of lesser quality require more frequent maintenance, which results in additional expenditure. In short, choosing quality materials from the beginning can avoid bigger problems later.

Lastly, when you construct with quality materials, your property has a higher value in the market, should you ever decide to sell.

Shop online

Most suppliers in this category have an online marketplace where you can browse a wide selection of building supplies for your project. They maintain high stock levels at any one time and in most cases are able to deliver to your construction site. Their aim is to provide you with top quality materials at affordable prices.

Whether you are looking for supplies for a one-off job, or bulk materials for an ongoing project, you will find everything you need all in one place, here online.

From trade professionals to DIY enthusiasts and home improvers, building supplies businesses are dedicated to establishing a good working relationship with their customers. They offer the best choice of products and expert help and advice from their knowledgeable teams, locally.

So if you are in Zambia and looking for building supplies, browse through the businesses listed above for a rewarding shopping experience.