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Industrial products businesses in Zambia

The consumer and industrial products and services sector in Zambia is dominated by subsidiaries of multinational companies and medium sized local companies. This category looks at industrial chemicals and gases needed in the production of goods, industrial tools and equipment from power tools and carpenters’ tools to plant machinery for industry, agricultural equipment and mine equipment. Metal fabrication and parts build products by cutting, bending, and assembling via welding, gluing, riveting and threading. Structural steel and sheet metal are the usual starting materials. Various metal fabrication shops in Zambia are listed here. Finally refrigeration lists the companies that build, install and maintain refrigeration units.
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Cure Chem Zambia Ltd image
Cure Chem Zambia Ltd
Industrial chemicals and gases
Cure Chem Zambia is a leading industrial chemicals supplier, meeting the demand of various industries including detergent, textile, leather, cosmetic, paper, pulp and printing. Cure Chem is committed to helping its clients meet their manufacturing requirements at all levels of the production process.
Fabulous Engineering Ltd image
Fabulous Engineering Ltd
Metal fabrication and parts
Fabulous Engineering is able to fabricate a wide selection of metals to create high quality fabrications. The company stocks an extensive range of materials and uses state-of-the-art machinery. Fabulous Engineering is continuously improving and enhancing their processes to maximise their customer convenience.
Steel Valley Ltd image
Steel Valley Ltd
Supply of decorative wrought iron material and fabrication
Steel Valley expertly designs, fabricates and fits a variety of decorative and metal safety fittings including but not limited to window security barriers, decorative steel arts, doors, security door barriers, windows, gates, fencing and railings.
Africab image
Refrigerant gas
Africab manufactures 100% pure gas for air conditioning and refrigeration. Types available are R22, R134A, R600A, R410A, R404A and R407C. Focused on protecting the environment, this company has committed itself to the responsible use of natural resources, the development of clean technologies and the replacement of harmful substances with eco-friendly alternatives.
Copiermate Business Systems image
Copiermate Business Systems
Refrigeration and Air conditioning
Copiermate Business Systems offers installations, servicing and repairs of air-conditioning, heating, ventilation and refrigeration systems. The company is a sole appointed distributor for ArgoClima Air-conditioning Equipment in Zambia. It also supplies other known brands of air-conditioners for small and big applications. All works are carried out by a team of highly skilled technicians.
Freddy Hirsch image
Freddy Hirsch
Butchery equipment and accessories
Freddy Hirsch is your one-stop-shop for reliable and efficient butchery equipment, band-saw blades, butcher knives, butchery gear and many other requisites. The company has partnered with a number of leading manufacturers including FreddyPro, Vemag, Munkforssågar and F Dick to ensure that they supply the very best equipment.
Link Mining Suppliers image
Link Mining Suppliers
Tapes and packaging material
Link Mining Suppliers offers the best quality adhesive and non-adhesive tapes. Working with many manufacturers and suppliers, this company is able to offer you variety and best value. You will find samples in-store and their team is always ready to help you choose the best tape for your application.
Seals 4 Africa image
Seals 4 Africa
Strapping kits
Strapping holds together and bundles packages so that they are held together securely for transportation and/or storage. Strapping also provides additional strength for heavy or awkward loads. Seals 4 Africa offers a wide range of tensioners, sealers, seals, buckles and dispensers to help you strap cartons and pallets quickly, safely and securely. No matter how large or small your operation, this company can meet all your strapping needs.
Zamsafes and Alarms image
Zamsafes and Alarms
Security equipment
As one of the few local suppliers of high security products, Zamsafes and Alarms manufactures custom-built security products with an excellent service both before and after sales. Safes and vault doors come with a lifetime guarantee and locks are serviced every 6 months.
Premier Scale Services image
Premier Scale Services
Weighing systems and measurement equipment
Premier Scale Services is a major supplier of a wide selection of industry-leading scales and measurement systems including weighbridges, counter scales, balance scales, kitchen scales, platform scales, platform bases, livestock weighers and moisture meters. The company also stocks a huge range of spare parts for its systems.
Premier Scale Services image
Premier Scale Services
Weighing systems servicing
All scales and measurement systems require maintenance, occasional repair and calibration to continue providing a high level of accuracy and functionality. For this reason, Premier Scale Services offers same day service as well as 24-hour emergency repair services to its clients.
Simmer Enterprises Ltd image
Simmer Enterprises Ltd
Calcium carbonate
Simmer Enterprises offers calcium carbonate which is used in a number of paint, paper, plastic and coating applications. It is a functional filler that has an ability to enhance paint performance. With its wide applications, calcium carbonate has become a suitable component in top coats, where high gloss and good gloss retention are demanded.
Chemsol Ltd image
Chemsol Ltd
Industrial and mineral processing chemicals
Chemsol supplies an array of bulk industrial, mineral and metal processing chemicals for various applications ranging from soaps and detergents, metal treatment, foundry, paint making, copper and gold processing. The company has an extensive network of reputable chemicals manufacturers and suppliers globally.
Tri-Pump and Engineering Ltd image
Tri-Pump and Engineering Ltd
Industrial tools and equipment
Tri-Pump and Engineering is the official sole exclusive distributor for the Goodman series of locomotives and Eimco range of rocker shovels. The company is also a preferred supplier for the Man-Dirk group of companies, providing general and specialist tools in the applications of safety, maintenance, repair and operations.
Fuel Systems Ltd image
Fuel Systems Ltd
Fluid-handling equipment
Fuel Systems products cater for diverse industries, focussing on the petroleum oil market. Their product range includes meters for delivery and receiving of bulk liquids, fuel dispensers for commercial and retail use, registers for various applications, flow meters, heavy duty and standard filtration units, nozzles, couplings and hoses.
Global Weighing Equipment image
Global Weighing Equipment
Weighing equipment
Choma +3
Global Weighing Equipment provides a comprehensive range of scales that withstand the challenges of rugged environments. It offers accurate and reliable industrial weighing solutions for such sectors as pharmaceutical, chemistry, food, vehicle and transport, and logistics, with offices in Lusaka and Kitwe.
Pro Angling image
Pro Angling
Household gas
Pro Angling distributes CADAC gas cylinders, cooker tops, handlites, utensil sets and cartridges. Gas cylinders in stock come in 3kg, 5kg, 7kg and 9kg dimensions. With a variety to choose from, cooking tops available provide unparalleled versatility. All products offered are designed for unequalled durability, portability and convenience.
Polar House Ltd image
Polar House Ltd
Refrigeration and Air conditioning
'Keeping Africa Cool' is the mission of Polar House! Major malls in Zambia use Polar House refrigerators and bottle coolers in many of their outlets. The company holds the patent rights for COLDPOINT brand in Zambia, South Africa and Malawi. It is also an agent for Danfoss refrigerators and compressors by Maneurop and Bock.
Madina Sales Ltd image
Madina Sales Ltd
Sewing machines and equipment
Whether you like to sew items as a hobby or as a business, you will find a selection of domestic and industrial electric sewing machines at the Madina Sales shop in Lusaka, together with all the accessories you're likely to need. Also available are treadle sewing machines which do not require electric power.
Ogaz Zambia Ltd image
Ogaz Zambia Ltd
Industrial chemicals and gases
OGaz Zambia are proud manufacturers and suppliers of petroleum and industrial gases including LPG, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Acetylene to a number of sectors including commercial and domestic. The gases manufactured are subject to stringent quality control, ensuring that they meet high standards of purity and mix accuracy.
Shakti Engineering Ltd
Metal fabrication
Ndola +3
Shakti Engineering fabricates a wide array of steel structures including fuel station canopies. The company is also capable of making custom safes, security doors and automation gate systems. Shakti Engineering focuses on meeting and exceeding your expectations through quality and professionalism.
Zambian Safes and Equipment
Security equipment
Zambian Safes and Equipment incorporates the latest technology in manufacturing and installing world-class safes and vault security doors. The company also manufactures a variety of banking equipment including cash in transit boxes, FD40 cabinets, fireproof filing cabinets, cash mesh baskets and teller canisters.
Oxyzam Ltd
Industrial chemicals and gases
With a team of experts and highly trained staff, Oxyzam efficiently supplies and distributes quality 99.8% oxygen gas to the mining and construction sectors, as well as to other industries. The company supply all sizes of cylinders including the small cadac and primus range (45kg, 19kg, 9kg, 6kg, 4kg, 3kg and 2kg).

Industrial products

The consumer and industrial products and services sector in Zambia is dominated by subsidiaries of multinational companies and medium sized local companies. This category looks at industrial chemicals and gases needed in the production of goods, industrial tools and equipment from power tools and carpenters’ tools to plant machinery for industry, agricultural equipment and mine equipment. Metal fabrication and parts build products by cutting, bending, and assembling via welding, gluing, riveting and threading. Structural steel and sheet metal are the usual starting materials. Various metal fabrication shops in Zambia are listed here. Finally refrigeration lists the companies that build, install and maintain refrigeration units.
Where to source all kinds of tools and equipment for industrial use, such as professional quality industrial tools, sockets, spanners and wrenches, mining tools, machine tools, pneumatic tools, measuring tools and industrial hand tools. Find the most comprehensive family of hydraulically driven, high-force industrial tools and equipment; cylinders, lifting products and systems, pumps and valves, system components, presses, pullers, specialty tools, bolting tools and work holding tools. Heavy-duty tools and equipment built for superior performance and exceptional value. Find the companies that supply a wide selection of hand tools, air tools, power tools, material handling products and much more.
A large range of chemicals are needed in the production of goods. Companies in this section supply both inorganic and organic chemicals used in various industrial processes. A number of enterprises such as a chemical-fertilizer plant, an explosives plant, a glass-bottle factory and a battery factory are examples of chemical based companies. Chemical companies convert raw materials such as polymers, petrochemicals and plant extracts into tens of thousands of different products ranging from solvents and pharmaceuticals to perfumes and packaging polymers. Chemical products are an integral part of everyday life.
Zambia has identified steel and copper fabrication, among many engineering products, as targets for accelerating growth of engineering products industries in Zambia. Over the last five years, several steel making and copper fabrication companies have emerged dynamically in Zambia. Basic metals and fabricated engineering products accounted for 25% of total manufacturing GDP. This category covers the companies manufacturing of products from copper and steel, include copper wire, cable and rods, alloys and ingots, carbon brushes, switch-gears, pipes and railway sleepers. Steel products include deformed bar, flat bar and metal tubes. Various metal fabrication shops in Zambia are listed here.
All types of refrigeration and air conditioning units are available in Zambia. These range from air condition units, heaters, refrigeration products and more. Whether for manufacturers, retailers, construction engineers, those in the agricultural, mining and medical sectors. This section provides you with information on where you can get these products. Find air-conditioning and refrigeration that can provide installations, preventative cyclical maintenance, breakdown maintenance and repairs and even project management. Find sustainable solutions in heating, air conditioning, building automation and energy services for the building life-cycle.
Involves maintaining, repairing, and replacing if necessary devices, equipment, machinery, and supporting utilities in industrial, business, governmental, and residential installations. Over time, this has come to include both scheduled and preventive maintenance as cost-effective practices. Scheduled inspections have also come into effect to ensure equipment is in optimal operation


Industrial products are items/goods that are mainly for carrying out industrial activities rather than for consumption by individual ultimate consumers or resale to them. In some cases, companies also make and supply goods for both industrial and consumer markets.

Industrial products are based on the demand for the consumer goods they help to produce. They are classified as either production goods or support goods. Production goods are used in the production of a final consumer good or product, while support goods help in the production process of consumer goods such as machinery and equipment. Please view types of products below:

Types of industrial products

  • Materials and parts – Industrial products that get fully absorbed in the buyer’s product after processing or as a component of the produced goods.
  • Raw materials – Products used in the production process
  • Manufactured materials and parts - Include component materials and parts. They do not need further processing but become a part of the final product.
  • Capital – Industrial products that help with the production or operations. Installations and accessory equipment are mainly included in this category. Installations include buildings and fixed equipment. Buildings like warehouses, factories and offices are included under installations and fixed equipment like lifts, generators, etc. They are some of the most significant purchases made by a company, and therefore there may be a long decision-making period before the final purchase.
  • Supplies services - Products that do not enter the product at all. Operating supplies, repair as well as maintenance items are included as supplies.

About companies that supply industrial products in Zambia

Companies here on Infobwana that are involved in the industrial goods sector represent a variety of industries including (but not limited to) manufacturing, processing, machinery and construction. Some are also bulk sellers so please feel free to ask for more information from the company you want to deal with.