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Materials and merchants businesses in Zambia

In this section you will find manufacturers, suppliers and sellers of different materials in Zambia. From the textile industry supplying of fabric and a whole range of textile products; paper and packaging to pack and distribute your goods, from bubble wraps to cardboard boxes and cartons; suppliers of steel products including steel building supplies; manufacturers and suppliers of timber products including furniture; manufacturers of plastic products; suppliers and sellers of genuine leather and leather products in Zambia. and all products made from these materials. This section offers you details of the manufacturers suppliers and a variety to choose from.
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Fabulous Engineering Ltd image
Fabulous Engineering Ltd
Steel fabrication
Fabulous Engineering fabricates and designs steel structures as per requirement including coiler tanks, water bowsers, trailers, side drops and axels, mezzanine floors, storage racks, billboards, school desks, shop shutters and ducting pipes. Using state-of-the-art machinery, this company creates high quality steel products.
Steel Valley Ltd image
Steel Valley Ltd
Supply of construction steel
Steel Valley supplies a broad range of construction steel materials such as I-beams, Y8 up to Y32, conforce wire, window section materials, galvanised purlins, decking, thermal membranes as well as studs and tracks for all types of building projects.
Africab image
PVC conduit pipe and trunking
Africab offers a wide variety of reliable and safe PVC conduit pipes as well as trunking for domestic and industrial use. You can be assured that Africab’s range of products provide superb protection for electrical wiring systems because they are tested to conform with ISO 9001 standards and are approved by ZABS.
Zambezi Steel image
Zambezi Steel
Steel products
Zambezi Steel's core business is steel processing and merchanting. It is also a wholesaler and retailer of high-quality steel as well as downstream processors of steel products. The company stocks a comprehensive range of certified steel including universal beams and columns, IPE and IPE AA and angle irons.
BSi Steel Zambia Ltd image
BSi Steel Zambia supplies an extensive range of quality steel products including long products, flat products, tubing products and cold formed sections, as well as many related accessories. The company offers an array of steel services including cut to length, profile cutting, laser cutting and bending.
Madina Sales Ltd image
Madina Sales Ltd
Textiles and Accessories
Madina Sales are textile wholesalers and retailers – supplying the Zambian market with up-to-date fabric designs at affordable prices. It also stocks upholstery and curtain material, Chitenge cloth, African prints, canvas and carport material. Customers include individuals, small tailoring businesses and large clothing manufacturers.
Cardinal Distributors Ltd image
Cardinal Distributors Ltd
Textiles and Accessories
Cardinal Distributors supplies a wide variety of fabrics and tailoring accessories. This company is up-to-date on the latest textiles being engineered and available on the market. With years of experience, Cardinal is proud to offer excellent service and quality fabrics that work for their customers.
AMG Steel & Concrete Ltd image
AMG Steel & Concrete is helping the country to develop through the provision of steel structures and prefabricated buildings that are strong, durable and assembled in record time. This company is a member of the Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM) and Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI).
ClassEcon Roofing Africa Ltd image
ClassEcon offers a unique combination of quality and economy durable steel products at economic prices. Service: Staff are carefully selected and fully trained to give you professional technical support and advice. Incorporated in 2010, the company plans to expand its manufacturing base to cater for steel merchants across Zambia.
PolyKing Ltd image
PolyKing Ltd
PolyKing is leading manufacture of a wide array of plastic products including high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes. The company ensures that it uses the finest raw material for their product ranges to deliver quality that is never questioned and is guaranteed.
Wireforce Zambia Ltd image
Wireforce Zambia Ltd
Steel products
Wireforce is recognised as one of the largest manufacturers of steel products including conforce wire, brick force wire, diamond mesh wire, razor wire, tying wire, barbed wire, fence wire and wire nails. Their team's extensive knowledge about manufacturing steel products enables this company to supply high quality products.
MM Integrated Steel Ltd image
MM Integrated Steel is a leading manufacturer of cold rolled steel and international-quality galvanised coils, supplying Zambia and the region. As well as its manufacturing facility in Lusaka, MM Integrated Steel also has plants and supply centres in Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique and Malawi.
Sonar International Ltd image
Sonar International distributes high quality certified steel from South African mills ArcelorMittal, Highveld, Scaw and Cape Gate, as well as steel manufactured by Universal Mining in Kafue, Zambia. Steel can be cut or bent to customers' requirements. Roofing coils and roofing sheets are also available for distribution.
Neelkanth Printing and Packaging Ltd
Paper and packaging
Neelkanth Printing and Packaging has established a state of the art manufacturing facility. Neelkanth manufactures and supplies envelopes made out of virgin raw materials. The envelopes are shrink wrapped in bundles of 50 with a top sheet giving details of the brand, size and quantity.
Polytex Investment supplies boxed authentic Chitenge fabrics such as Super Java, Beauty Goldtex, Super Billion Wax, Polytop Gold Print, Polytop Glitter and Co - Beauty that are in various lines and prints. This company is committed to providing high quality Chitenge textiles to the Zambian retail market at competitive prices.
You can rely on ProSteel Investments for all your steel requirements including angle irons, channels, tubing, and sheets. With a state-of-the-art facility and a highly skilled team, this company is able to provide quality solutions for your building project. It maintains a huge inventory of products to fulfill its customer's immediate requirements.
Patches Galore
African print fabric
Patches Galore offers 2m lengths of beautiful African print fabric. These are traditionally worn all over Africa, as a wrap around skirt, tucked into the waist to secure. Alternatively the fabric can be used to make up your own designs.
Ocean Ventures Ltd
Timber and Panelling
Ocean Ventures supplies high-quality timber, timber products and panelling for the building industry - structural timber, plywood, shutter ply, melamine boards, doors, particle boards and medium density fibreboard. The company has knowledgeable staff that can advise you on the best timber product to use for a particular project.
Proplast Zambia
Proplast Zambia is one of the leading suppliers of a broad spectrum of machinery, raw materials and additives to various companies in the plastic industry. The company has a passion for providing materials that help companies develop innovative polymer solutions.
Steel King Ltd
Steel King wholesales and retails their steel products for commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Their warehouses offer a wide range of prefabricated steel products including deformed bars, angle iron, mild steel plates, conforce wires, chequer plates, galvanized pipes, wire nails, IPE sections and many more.
Formex General Dealers Ltd
Steel products
Formex General Dealers manufactures a range of steel products that conform to international standards. These include deformed bars, round bars, flat bars, square bars, square tubes, rectangular tubes, round tubes, angle irons, U-channels, lipped channels and flat sheets.
Tribal Textiles
Textiles and Accessories
Tribal Textiles creates unique textiles that draw inspiration from indigenous African art and the stunning wildlife, flora and fauna of Zambia. Visit Tribal Textiles and experience a free tour of the operation to see how the products are hand drawn and painted, and to meet the local artists before shopping in the extensive retail outlet.
Alloy Steel Ltd
Alloy Steel distributes a wide range of superior steel products such as universal columns, universal beams, IPE sections, angle irons, mild steel channels and sheets, bolts and nuts, deformed bars, round bars, cold rolled and hot rolled sheets, tubings, window sections and tying wires.

Materials and merchants

In this section you will find manufacturers, suppliers and sellers of different materials in Zambia. From the textile industry supplying of fabric and a whole range of textile products; paper and packaging to pack and distribute your goods, from bubble wraps to cardboard boxes and cartons; suppliers of steel products including steel building supplies; manufacturers and suppliers of timber products including furniture; manufacturers of plastic products; suppliers and sellers of genuine leather and leather products in Zambia. and all products made from these materials. This section offers you details of the manufacturers suppliers and a variety to choose from.
Zambian companies that manufacture and supply textiles include manufacturers and suppliers of fabric and a whole range of textile products such as industrial clothing, tents and bedding. In this section you will find details on where to find these manufacturers and garment accessories like zips, buttons, press-studs, eyelets. A textile or cloth is a flexible woven material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibres often referred to as thread or yarn. Yarn is produced by spinning raw fibres of wool, flax, cotton, or other material to produce long strands. Textiles are formed by weaving, knitting, crocheting, knotting, or pressing fibres together.
There are established manufactures in Zambia of folding cartons, paper-based wet strength glue labels and self-opening bags. Folding cartons are mainly for detergent manufacturers, bakeries and laundries. High density polyethylene quality bottles, jars and closures ideal form of packaging for peanut butter, sauces and condiments, crates can be embossed or screen printed, crown cork bottle tops, general line cans and cold rolled steel drums. Paper is an incredibly versatile substance. Paper may be impregnated, enameled, creped, waterproofed, waxed, glazed, sensitized, bent, folded, crumpled, cut, dissolved, macerated, molded or embossed. Newsprint paper, magazine paper, printing and writing paper, sanitary and household, packaging material and products and specialized papers are just some of its applications
Plastic is used to manufacture a lot of different products; it is also used for packaging goods. You will find manufacturers, suppliers, sellers and buyers of plastic and its products in Zambia. These products include: clear plastics, carrier bags, clear and black sheeting, printed balers bags, FFS films for water, milk and candle packing, shrink films, printed carrier bags, rice packing bags, bread bags, chicken bags, garbage bags, the list is endless. Find here manufacturers of HDPE pipes and fittings, PVC, for civil engineering, agricultural, mining, domestic applications and more. Manholes sewer pipes water supply pipes drainage pipes corrugated pipes reinforced screw pipes as well as the fabrication of bends, tees and laterals.
This section you will find manufacturers, suppliers and tanneries of genuine leather, and the accessories and go the leather products, handbags, belts, shoes, wallets, watches, purses, hats, boots, slippers, to mention but a few in Zambia. Leather is also used to produce saddles and as furniture covers. So if you are looking to find leather and its products in Zambia, you will find details on this site. Tanning is the process of treating skins of animals to produce leather. Traditionally, tanning used tannin, an acidic chemical compound. Vegetable tanning uses tannin whilst chrome tanning uses chrome.
Timber is widely used in the construction industry and there are many timber products. Here you will find manufacturers and suppliers of timber products including furniture like chairs, tables, beds, picture frames, wardrobes, cabinets and many more, ceiling boards and gutters. Most of the tree species of commercial value in Zambia are used for timber production, as construction material and for making furniture products. Others are used for charcoal production, poles, soil improvement, fodder, medicines, turnery and many other uses. Manufactures of a wide range of wood products with environmentally cost-effective wood product solutions of quality and sustainability are listed here.
Steel is widely used in the construction industry and there are many steel appliances. Here you will find manufacturers and suppliers of steel products including steel building supplies. Companies involved in steel product processing are also featured here. To service steel requirements whether large or small companies must hold large and diverse steel stocks in excess of 1,000 tonnes at any given time. Aluminium, armor plate, bright bar, cold formed sections, carbon steel tube and pipe, fencing, gates, barbed wire, razor wire, fence poles and associated products. Fluid control systems including valves, actuators, busting discs, cocks, control valves, flow indicators, filters and strainers, level gauges are supplied in Zambia.

In order to make or construct something, you will need a wide selection of materials to get the job done. As Infobwana, we have profiled a selection of Zambian companies that manufacture and supply an extensive range of manufacturing, processing and construction materials. Examples of materials you will find here include but are not limited to:

  • Steel
  • Ceramics
  • Plastics
  • Timber
  • Leather and accessories
  • Fabrics
  • Fibers
  • Plastics
  • Paper and packaging
  • Composites (made from two or more materials combined together)

Classification of materials

Metals - Usually solid, metals comprise one or more metallic elements such as iron, aluminium, copper, titanium, gold and nickel. They also often have non-metallic elements such as carbon, nitrogen, oxygen in relatively small amounts.

Ceramics - A solid material comprising an inorganic compound of metal, non-metal or metalloid atoms primarily held in ionic and covalent bonds. Common examples include porcelain and brick.

Polymers – These are compounds that are composed of carbon, hydrogen, and other non-metallic elements. They range from familiar synthetic plastics such as polystyrene to natural biopolymers such as DNA and proteins that are fundamental to biological structure and function. Common and familiar polymers are polyethylene (PE), nylon, polycarbonate (PC), polystyrene (PS), and silicone rubber.

Choosing the right material

Using the right material when manufacturing a new product or building is vital for your success. You must look for the following before choosing your materials:

  • Function – What do you need the product to do?
  • Durability – The product should stand the test of time.
  • Aesthetics – The fine balance between appearance, durability and cost.
  • Consistency of performance – The product should record a low failure rate in testing.
  • Cost – The balance between high quality materials and keeping costs at an appropriate level

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Browse through the different manufacturers and suppliers listed here and search for the materials you are looking for. Companies here have one common goal, to provide the highest quality materials and provide an exceptional service. For your convenience, you can buy it right here on Infobwana. Some suppliers also provide delivery services.