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Shopping businesses in Zambia

Shopping businesses in Zambia - from groceries through to fashion and motoring - all on Infobwana. There are a host of quality shops in towns and cities across Zambia. Select the type of shopping experience you want and relevant companies will be presented on Infobwana. New shopping malls are springing up in all the major towns and cities in Zambia, with local and international stores to cater for all your retail needs. On Infobwana you'll find top class restaurants, brilliant jewellery stores, fashion shops, electronics outlets and lots more.
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Ola Zambia image
Ola Zambia
Ola Zambia makes it easy for you to find and buy a wide selection of products including building materials, furniture, electronic appliances, sports equipment, camping gear, solar products and generators using your PC or mobile device on their secure marketplace. If what you are looking for is not in stock, their team is able to source and supply.
Africab image
Are you looking for lighting for your new building project? Or maybe you just want to add some modern fittings to your house, office, restaurant or hotel? Africab offers you an extensive range of high quality Liper brand lights, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, hanging lamps, chandeliers, emergency lights and various lighting accessories.
Ola Zambia image
Ola Zambia
Furniture and Furnishings
Ola Zambia offers you high-quality home and office furniture such as sofas, dining sets, desks, cabinets, TV stands, lamp stands, stools, framed mirrors, carpets as well as rugs. If you are buying in bulk, this company offers wholesale prices, making it convenient and excellent value for commercial ventures.
Ola Zambia image
Ola Zambia
Electronics & Home Appliances
Shop the latest mobile phones, TVs, projectors, desktops, laptops, refrigerators, microwaves, kettles, blenders, pressing irons, air conditioners, washing machines, water dispensers and sound systems on Ola Zambia's marketplace. All products are sourced from leading manufacturers including Huawei, Sony, Samsung, LG, Hp, GMCC, Midea and Xiaomi.
Ola Zambia image
Ola Zambia
Kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms
Are you looking for the latest trends for your kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms? Ola Zambia offers you a wide selection of kitchen utensils, bedclothes as well as bathroom towels, gowns, and fixtures. Their unique collection of products along with coordinating accessories makes this company one of the leaders in the home decor supply industry.
Ola Zambia image
Ola Zambia
Gym and outdoor furniture
Ola Zambia offers you a wide selection of gym equipment, weather-resistant outdoor furniture and marquees. So whether you want to work out in your gym or relax in your backyard, Ola Zambia can help you create an outdoor experience that you and your family can enjoy for years. You can also invest in a banquet tent and open up a marquee hire company.
Specialised Systems Ltd image
Specialised Systems Ltd
Electricals and Lighting
Philips Lighting, distributed through Specialised Systems in Zambia, is a leading provider of high quality affordable lighting solutions and applications for both professional and consumer markets. Philips Lighting is dedicated to introducing innovative, end-user-driven, energy-efficient solutions for lighting.
Bookworld image
Books and magazines
Lusaka +11
This company has been providing superior quality educative books and magazines to the Zambian public since 1991. Bookworld's reputation has been enhanced by their association and experience in working with publishers and booksellers worldwide. The company has developed a large network of readers across the country.
Zambezi Jewels image
Zambezi Jewels
Choose from Zambezi Jewels elegant collection of gemstones and exquisitely carved jewellery. They use precious metal studdings with dazzling semi-precious and precious gemstones such as emerald, ruby, blue sapphire, diamond, multi tourmaline, quartz, citrine, amethyst, aquamarine tourmaline and garnet, all embedded in silver and gold.
Classique Cleaners image
Classique Cleaners
Shoe and bag repairs
Lusaka +10
Classique Cleaners specialises in all types of shoe repairs for men, women and children. They also repair handbags, suitcase zips and adjust belt lengths and holes. They stock a full range of shoe care products for leather, suede and nubuck shoes.
Jewel of Africa image
Jewel of Africa
Lusaka +4
This is an innovator and leader in the creation of world class jewellery in Zambia. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, the Jewel of Africa offers high quality handmade jewellery created by Zambian master jewellers. This exquisite work proudly competes on the international market.
GroceriesBwana  image
With GroceriesBwana, you can make online purchases of a wide selection of products including cosmetics, jewellery, clothing, shoes, household furniture and various electronic items. With vast experience in the industry, GroceriesBwana has dealt with all the challenges faced with eShopping to deliver a platform that is secure and reliable.
Essential Skincare image
Essential Skincare
Organic skincare
Their range contains the purest natural (99.4 – 100%) and organic (some over 90%) ingredients. There are no silicons, mineral oils, artificial colours, SLS or harsh surfactants, PEGs, TEA, DEA, preservatives or synthetic fragrances. Essential Skincare is an accredited partner of PhytoTrade Africa, dedicated to the development of fair trade and environmentally sustainable natural products. They are also certified by Beauty Without Cruelty which means that the products AND the ingredients they use are not tested on animals.
Kubu Crafts image
Kubu Crafts
Furniture manufacturers and retailers
Lusaka +3
Kubu Crafts offers quality fitted furniture, household furniture and office furniture for businesses, homes and lodges, and custom-made furniture for clients who would like their own unique creations. Completion time for orders ranges from 8 to 12 weeks.
Foam King Manufacturers Ltd image
Foam King Manufacturers Ltd
Furniture and Furnishings
Lusaka +6
Foam King Manufacturers offers a variety of high density, superior quality mattresses, pillows, foam sheets, cushions, bed bases, wardrobes, lounge suites, school desks, dining tables, foot stools and many more. The company gives you a wide selection of products to add style to your living room or bedroom, with a year's warranty on each bed purchased.
Madina Sales Ltd image
Madina Sales Ltd
Footwear and Leathergoods
Madina Sales have a footwear department stocking a wide range of men's, women's and children's shoes at their shop in Lusaka. They offer great value for money and all designs are available in a good range of sizes. So whether you're looking for formal or informal footwear, it is worth checking here.
Bobbili Gems image
Bobbili Gems
Exotic jewellery
Lusaka +2
Bobbili Gems designs and crafts a wide selection of pendants, earrings, bracelets as well as cuff links. Stones used are sourced from small scale stone suppliers from the nooks and corners across Zambia so each piece is a memory and experience of the country’s rich mineral heritage.
Mudpackers Zambia image
Mudpackers Zambia
Camping and Outdoor equipment
Explore Zambia's great outdoors with tents supplied by Mudpackers Zambia. These tents are practical and spacious, and come as basic or luxury for 'glamping'. To complete the experience Mudpackers can supply CADAC gas canisters refilled while you wait, and solar panels.
Katies Zambia image
Katies Zambia
Gifts and Home Decor
Katies Zambia understands that gifting is all about showing appreciation to loved ones, friends, family or business acquaintances and they cater for all occasions. They have a wide selection of gifts, gift sets and various single items that are all really great for gifting. This includes, but is not limited to watches, sunglasses, purses, body products, make-up bags, aromatherapy pillows, socks, keyrings, mini flasks, assorted crockery items, cigars, shisha bongs, shisha coals and shisha accessories, the RAW range of rolling products, Zippo lighters & accessories, metal & wood wall signs and wall art.
Green Energy Distributors image
Green Energy Distributors
Electricals Lighting & Tools
Green Energy Distributors provide complete professional energy consultancy services including site evaluations, system designs, engineering, installations and monitoring. The company is committed to making the process of obtaining a green household or business simple and affordable.
Chova Zero-Emissions Delivery image
Chova Zero-Emissions Delivery
Home delivery of food and more
Order food, groceries, beverages, clothing and various other products from reliable suppliers. Chova meets its client's needs by delivering parcels speedily and in good condition. You can order in whatever way is most convenient for you - via, Whatsapp, Facebook, phone or email.
Dream Cosmetics Zambia image
Dream Cosmetics Zambia
Beauty, skincare and cosmetics
Dream Cosmetics' extensive range of affordable moisturising creams, lotions, skin ointments, lip butter and fragrances for women and men smell great and will keep your body fresh all day. Baby products that include ointments, cologne, moisturising milk and talcum powder are also supplied.
Mama Africa Cash and Carry Ltd image
With your satisfaction as their top priority, Mama Africa Cash and Carry is a full service supermarket that offers you a wide variety of food and groceries. When you shop from this supermarket, you will find the value and quality you are looking for with the convenience of being able to get in and out quickly.


Shopping businesses in Zambia - from groceries through to fashion and motoring - all on Infobwana. There are a host of quality shops in towns and cities across Zambia. Select the type of shopping experience you want and relevant companies will be presented on Infobwana. New shopping malls are springing up in all the major towns and cities in Zambia, with local and international stores to cater for all your retail needs. On Infobwana you'll find top class restaurants, brilliant jewellery stores, fashion shops, electronics outlets and lots more.
This group of categories on home and garden products include; Electricals and lighting, Furniture and soft furnishings, Garden and outdoors, Kitchens, bathrooms and tiles, Kitchenware and home accessories, Tool and home improvement. From patio furniture and interior decor to bedding, towels and flatware sets, you'll find the products that will make your homes and gardens better. Find people to help you plan and furnish the inside of your home, together with suggestions for design led products to go in your home. Also included is the supply and upkeep of walls and paving stones as well as other structures found on Zambian residential plots such as pergolas.
Shopping has become easy nowadays due to the fact that there are so many ways and places to shop, ranging from large shopping malls to ordinary traditional shops to eshopping (also known as online shopping). There are a number of supermarkets to choose from if you enjoy going out to shop. But if you want to shop in the comfort of your home, or are too busy to visit stores, online shopping is best for you. On this site you will find a number of stores and online sites where you can buy. Categories include eshopping, garden centre and nurseries, gift and souvenir shops, shopping centres and supermarkets.
Retail shops that offer food and household products in Zambia. These include specialist shops like butcheries, bakeries and green grocers. A grocery store is a retail store that primarily sells food. A grocer is a bulk seller of food. Grocery stores often offer non-perishable food, with some also having fresh produce, butchers, delis, and bakeries. Some groceries specialize in the foods of a certain nationality or culture, such as Italian, Greek, Indian, oriental or Chinese. Find out which shops stock the best gourmet food ingredients whether it's cakes, olives, mushroom or cheese, in this handy shopping category. Local convenience, great value food and ethical trading are what local shops are all about is all about.
If you’re looking for suppliers of home entertainment systems, photography equipment or the latest phones, pads and laptops, see our list of businesses that provide electronic equipment. Consumer electronics are electronic equipment intended for everyday use, most often in entertainment, communications and office productivity such as MP3 players, audio equipment, televisions, calculators, GPS automotive electronics, digital cameras and players and recorders using video media such as DVDs, VCRs or camcorders. These products based on digital technologies. Find suppliers of a huge range of accessories for the latest mobile phones and tablets including cases, screen protectors, memory cards, chargers and more. These categories list the suppliers in Zambia.
Fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup. Here you will find all the latest information of fashion and the shops offering particular products in line with fashion. There is a whole new breed of fashion designers in Zambia with a few of them translating into fashion houses. These categories cover clothing and accessories and footwear jewelry and watches. Keep updated and visiting these listings to see what the fashion world of Zambia is up to and support the shops and outlets here that keep the wheels turning. The labours of the country's best fashion designers, ranging from the most experienced to newcomers span many years of experience, they employ all manner of materials and techniques.
Products specifically geared toward babies and children in Zambia can be found in these categories. Included here are gifts, clothes, furniture and all the things a young family needs. Explore the different types of toys specifically designed for young girls and boys of different ages and what safety measures necessary to take. Here you can also find categories for kids clothing, mother and baby and toys and games. Toys for children can be baby and toddler toys, outdoor toys, vehicles and construction, dolls houses and toy dolls, learning toys, art and music, wooden toys, puzzles and games. Find the shops offering clothes for children and items specially selected for mother and child.
Entertainment is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight. These categories list the outlets where one can find suppliers and installers of satellite TV, music CDs; DSTV and other TV channels are a big source of entertainment, so is music available from CD sellers and video gaming for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, 3DS, PS Vita and iPhone games. Musical instruments provide a lot of pleasure and you can find the shops that sell instruments in Zambia in this category. Find the bookstores that stock a host of books and magazines for entertainment and more seriously professional and educational books for students and professionals.
Bridal shops in Zambia with wedding dresses, bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, accessories like tiaras and gloves and a whole range of wedding related products to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly. Discover your perfect wedding dress with lace and vintage-inspired. Picture-perfect bridesmaids need the accessories to match. Occasion shoes designed to complement bridesmaid dresses. Dreamy lace, luxurious gems and pretty corsages in a range of ivory, white and blush hues –bridal bags have been designed make the bride feel tip-toe-toe beautiful on her wedding day. Complement your wedding dress beautifully with exclusively-designed bridesmaid dresses. Modern yet classic women’s and girl's bridesmaid dresses in a range of hues to suit your colour scheme.
Find book shops in Zambia for leisure, education or professional books. This category holds stationery and card suppliers for pleasure and business, wildlife books and magazines giving you travel resource, safari tips and reviews, photos of Zambia's wildlife and landscapes of Zambia. Magazines are publications, usually periodical publications that are printed. They are generally published on a regular schedule and contain a variety of content. They are generally financed by advertising, by a purchase price, by prepaid subscriptions, or a combination of the three. Find fiction books from classic fiction, modern and contemporary fiction and adventure to thriller and romance and erotica, biography and true stories - ‎crime, mystery and thriller all available in the bookstore of your choice.
Show support for your team with football shirts from popular English and European clubs such as Manchester United, Liverpool and Real Madrid. All the accessories you need for any sport including football, running and cycling. Looking to travel and not fully equipped yet? Find the shops that will kit you out with suitcases and other travel products. Find everything related to sport and travel products in Zambia. Included are suppliers of sports equipment, leisure wear and products, and travel gear.
Beauty is a characteristic of a person’s appearance. You will find here shops that offer beauty, skincare and cosmetic products; moisturisers, cleansers, toners, exfoliators, treatments, anti-ageing, acne and problem skin, eye care, lip care, neck and decollete care. Electrical beauty is that range of products that are electrical tools to enhance beauty; hair styling, female hair removal, electrical dental, male grooming and other electrical beauty tools. Hair care will differ according to one's hair type and according to various processes that can be applied to hair. All hair is not the same. Toiletries and personal care; choose personal care products and toiletry products from shops, saloons and many outlets in Zambia.