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Transport businesses in Zambia

Looking for a way of getting around Zambia? Infobwana can help. There are many modes of transport in Zambia. For visitors, the easiest way to travel between main cities like Lusaka, Livingstone and Ndola is by domestic flight. However, if time permits and you want to see more of Zambia and its people, then travelling by road can be rewarding. You can do this by renting a vehicle or by inter-city coach. Within urban areas the easiest way to get about in Zambia is by hired car, taxi or the interesting mini bus service. Infobwana give you contact details of many transport businesses in Zambia which you can select from.
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Royal Air Charters image
Royal Air Charters
Royal Air Charters offers reliable and affordable flights throughout Zambia. The company ensures the highest level of safety as well as delivering excellent customer services. Royal Air Charters don't sell individual tickets, choose your destination, choose your aircraft and charter an entire aircraft.
Royal Air Charters image
Royal Air Charters
Air charters
Royal Air Charters is a full service private and corporate charter company that operates and maintains a fleet of modern charter jets. The company is also available for medical evacuations, specialist aerial filming or surveillance and group charters. Royal Air is determined to set new standards of quality and safety in the air travel industry.
Euro-Africa Bus Services image
Euro-Africa Bus Services
Buses and Coaches
Euro-Africa Bus Services runs 7 days a week, with an hourly departure from Lusaka or Kitwe. The coach facilities include sliding windows, television and radio systems. The company runs a membership scheme which entitles members to a discount on each bus fare. Members are also allowed an element of payment flexibility.
RwandAir in Zambia image
RwandAir in Zambia
RwandAir in Zambia offers flights to 26 cities in Western, Central, Eastern and Southern Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Maintaining the highest frequency of departures to and from Zambia, RwandAir delivers an exceptional service with a focus on those who have the greatest demand for travel. RwandAir in Zambia believes travel should be for everyone.
Chaliko Car Hire Ltd image
Chaliko Car Hire Ltd
Car rentals
As a leading car rental company, Chaliko Car Hire offers a wide selection of vehicles for long and short term hire. Their fleet consists of sedans, SUVs, buses (16, 28 and 56 seaters), 4X4s and executive cars. Chaliko’s team ensures that all vehicles are fully serviced and meet their strict safety standards. This company is committed to providing the highest level of service.
Mudpackers Zambia image
Mudpackers Zambia
4x4 rental service
Mudpackers offers a 4x4 rental service with vehicles from Drive The Wild available to collect anywhere in Zambia. The vehicles are ruggedized specially for the terrain in which they get used. Camping gear inclusive of cutlery, table, chairs, groundsheet, stretchers, inflatable mattresses and sleeping bags can also be supplied.
Vehicle Portal
Car rental market place
Vehicle Portal only lists and makes available vehicles in great condition with guaranteed hire quality. All vehicles are comprehensively insured. The company believes that sharing our vehicles within our community helps tackle various challenges such as car over-population, traffic jams, parking limitations and pollution.
City Drive Rent a Car
Car rentals
Lusaka +3
Vehicle rental options at City Drive Rent a Car include fully equipped 4x4's, a replacement vehicle service and corporate leases. Whether you are a first time tourist visitor or a business traveller looking for a convenient mode of transport, this company has the right car and rental option for your travel needs
The Wild Life Africa (TWLA) offers customised 4x4 vehicles to make your dream trip happen. Their vehicles are meticulously maintained and perfect for serious adventures, including an upgraded suspension, two rooftop tents (room for 4 adults), dual battery systems, long-range fuel tanks, camping refrigerators and all the camping equipment you need.
Dominion Travel and Tours
Car rentals
With a selection of sedans, SUVs, 4x4s as well as buses, Dominion Travel and Tours offers you the best service in car rental. Their fleet is constantly renewed, which ensures that you will always have a vehicle in optimum condition. The company offers full coverage for the loss, theft and collision of their vehicles.
Orion Car Rental and Travel Solutions offers a wide range of fleet to choose from, ideal for the executive businessman to the family or group on safari. Chauffeurs are well trained and experienced, willing to assist their clients with any help they may need during the hire. Their vehicles are also available for self-drives.
Chris Taxi and Tours Ltd
Car rentals
Choose from a wide selection of vehicles, for your personal drive or experienced drivers to drive you, as you seat back and relax in well serviced and maintained fleet, with excellent interior as well as exterior. Chris Taxi and Tours constantly update its fleet to supply clients with a wide range of choices including minivans, light commercial vehicles, small SUVs, luxury sedans and SUVs.
Whether for a visitor on a business trip or for a consultant on an assignment, ARC Save Travel Tours & Car Hire can deliver flexible mobility solutions to adapt to your requirements. Their fleet of vehicles range from economy, sedan, SUV, pick up, mini vans and more. They also cater for longer-term vehicle needs at competitive prices.
Buses and Coaches
Intercape has a fleet of 90 coaches, which includes 57 luxury double decker coaches and 42 single deck coach. The coach service currently handles 49 daily departures. Each bus is air conditioned, with on-board toilet facilities, comfortable seating with reclining seats and adequate leg space.
Top Dusk Travel & Tours offers a variety of car rental options to suit your budget and needs. Its fleet of vehicles includes luxury cars, suv's, vans, trucks, 4x4's and more. Vehicles are available to rent on a daily or weekly basis. They come with air conditioning, CD players, baby car seats, dual airbags and anti-lock braking systems.
Akwasu Travel and Tours offers excellent car hire services of the highest standard. Their fleet includes saloon cars, 4x4s, light trucks and luxury 7-16, 30 and 75 seater buses. For clients that prefer the convenience of a professional chauffeur, Akwasu is always ready to provide one.
AfriCar offers short and long term car hire services suitable for tourists or business travellers, and for all occasions including safaris, business trips and vacations. All vehicles are either brand new or in excellent condition and range from luxury Sedans to Economic SUV's. Vehicles come with CD players, dual airbags and anti-lock braking systems.
Tuma Car Hire Ltd
Car rentals
With the apt motto 'The way to reach your destination', Tuma Car Hire provides professional car rental services with excellent service delivery. It aims to contribute positively towards the growth of the tourism industry through the efficient service it provides. All vehicles are comprehensively insured with a liability limit per person.
For smoothly coordinated travel in and around Lusaka, Quiz Bee Car Hire & Travel offers a choice of chauffeur and self-drive car hire services for business travellers and tourists alike. Select from their range of 4×4 cars or micro-buses. Choose the vehicle that meets your specific travel needs.
With experienced staff to handle the needs of the travelling public, Hilomu has a team of friendly staff are able to help clients decide on the best vehicle for hire to suit their needs. Their fleet of vehicles includes:
  • 26 – 30 seater buses
  • 7 – 14 seater buses
  • Quantum bus
  • 4x4 vehicles
  • Saloon cars
With daily flights between Lusaka and Addis Ababa, Ethiopian Airlines also has three weekly flights to Ndola - Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Passengers in Ndola will find convenient connection to destinations in Ethiopian wide route network such as Mumbai, Dubai, London, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Cairo and Peking.
TAAG Angola Airlines is currently operating in 18 destinations in Angola and 16 international destinations in South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Passengers have a choice to fly first, business and economy class. With an excellent cargo service, you can trust the airline for quick and safe transportation of cargo to the different destinations.
Emirates in Zambia
The airline's most popular connection for one stop flights between Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Lusaka, Zambia is Nairobi, Kenya at the Jomo Kenyatta International airport. The average flying time for a direct flight from Dubai to Lusaka is 7 hours 10 minutes. Enjoy your Emirates experience world class in every class.


Looking for a way of getting around Zambia? Infobwana can help. There are many modes of transport in Zambia. For visitors, the easiest way to travel between main cities like Lusaka, Livingstone and Ndola is by domestic flight. However, if time permits and you want to see more of Zambia and its people, then travelling by road can be rewarding. You can do this by renting a vehicle or by inter-city coach. Within urban areas the easiest way to get about in Zambia is by hired car, taxi or the interesting mini bus service. Infobwana give you contact details of many transport businesses in Zambia which you can select from.
Find air charter services for private or corporate hire, for passenger or freight in Zambia for the discerning traveler, specialize in on-demand flights to destinations all over Zambia and beyond. Find companies specialised in air charters for business executives, tourists and small scale cargo. These charters travel through Zambia and Southern Africa. There are air charter companies that provide private, corporate and VIP chartered flights, emergency patient transfer and urgent freight transportation in Zambia. Many provide charters to safari locations in the national parks around Zambia. The category lists charter operators and charter brokers who can help you arrange charter trips to major destinations in and around Zambia.
Bus and coach travel in Zambia ranges from inter-city buses through to luxury coaches. Over the past decade coach services in Zambia have drastically improved and you can now travel very comfortably between major cities with a choice of quality companies. Travelling by bus or coach is affordable and generally standards are high, including air conditioning, entertainment, travel breaks and a high safety record. In recent years Zambia has made significant changes to coach travel by making sure the service providers are delivering the highest quality of service and you have an enjoyable and comfortable journey, every time you travel. It is now possible to travel the most distant locations in Zambia by bus or coach. Find the bus companies that deliver this service in Zambia and beyond.
Whether you are exploring Zambia as a tourist or find yourself on a business trip, thriving car hire services in all the major cities of Zambia ensure you get the vehicle you need. Usually vehicles are rented out for travel within Zambia, but there are some companies who cater for car hire across borders. A wide range of vehicles are available from economic city cars to fully equipped safari vehicles, mini buses and 4×4 hire and most companies offer either a chauffeured or self-driven car hire service. 4×4 hire is recommended if you are going out of town but talk to your car rental company about your journey and they will advise you on the best vehicle for your Zambia road adventure.
Flights to Zambia are available from many of the main international airlines and currently there are no airlines that fly direct into Zambia, all international flights involve one or more stops. International airlines fly into Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka, Harry Khumbula International Airport in Livingstone and Simon Kapwepwe International Airport in Ndola. Other city airports are open for Zambia domestic flights and air transfers – probably the most convenient way to travel between cities and most safari destinations in Zambia. Some cheap flights to Zambia are usually available, especially outside regular school holiday periods. You may also get discounts for last minute flights, or tickets booked well in advance.
Taxis are a convenient and easy way to get to your destination in Zambia in all the major towns and cities. They are at the entrance and exit of most major business centres, hotels and airports and bus terminals. Some can be booked on long term basis when visiting or doing business in a town or city, whilst most others only operate on short term. The best way to deal with taxi prices in Zambia is to establish what price range your willing to pay so that your able to negotiate with the taxi driver. However, you should note that metered taxis are making a comeback. Some taxis play a major role in tour guiding in Zambia especially in tourist areas like Livingstone. Find established taxi companies in these listings.
Zambia Railways Limited runs passenger trains from Lusaka to Livingstone and from Lusaka to the Copperbelt. These trains have no sleeping carriages only seating, taking 18 hours to travel 570 kilometers. Tanzania and Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) runs passenger trains between Kapiri Mposhi, Mbeya and Dar es Salaam, taking two nights. These trains have sleeping cars and a restaurant car, assuring you a comfortable adventure. The line is 1860 kilometres long and was only opened in 1976, built with Chinese funding and assistance. TAZARA has now split the service into separate Zambian and Tanzania trains on either side of the border and Tanzanian and Zambian trains will now connect at Nakondé.

Though Zambia has an historically important train line, used today for haulage, the main passenger train service is currently not a recommended option for the travelling public. However the Tazara line from Kapiri Mposhi to the Tanzanian border and across Tanzania to Dar es Salaam is frequently used by both residents and tourists.

To find suitable ways of getting about for your Zambia travel experience select a type of transport service and relevant companies will be presented. Then you can make arrangements directly through the contact details or enquiry form provided.