Sentinel Kabitaka School
Sentinel Kabitaka School
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over 4 years ago

Boarding presentation for parents

Sentinel School Kabitaka cordially invite all prospective and current parents to a presentation, to learn about current boarding opportunities at Sentinel Kabitaka School.

Applications are still being accepted for Year 7 to 12.

For more information about the event please contact Sentinel School.

2 Mar 09:00
Protea Hotel, Arcades Shopping Complex, Lusaka
+260 969 457853
Boarding presentation for parents
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The vision of the founders of Sentinel School Kabitaka is to empower all who pass through with an education which will open their minds and prepare them for opportunities in life. They strive for a culture of lifelong learning which translates into an enlightened society capable of dealing with whatever challenges that may come its way. The school is a spiritually aware and a supportive environment which has been established to have an impact on its alumni long after they have moved on.