New Government Complex Conference Centre
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about 4 years ago

Yesbud Summit

The Youths Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (YESBUD) Summit is a unique two days conference for youth centred on innovation and entrepreneurship, featuring interactive workshops, engaging speakers, networking opportunities and final round of Innovative Zambian Youths Organisation. This combination of activities will help youths to develop new skills while also energising their entrepreneurial spirits, immersing them in a community of like-minded pears and forging lifelong connection

Primary focus of the Summit is on themes connected to innovation, entrepreneurship and business development, leadership, creativity, inspiring and life changing stories, success stories and career development.

During two days participants will be exposed to wide number of talks, fireside chats, panel sessions, hands on workshops and different networking sessions.

Amazing networking program, open mic sessions, parties and different non-formal sessions are ensuring that you will meet different amazing people for boost in your dream career.

After the Summit, participants will have knowledge and inspiration to act today to create the better future.

For more information and to purchase your tickets visit the link below.

5 Apr 18:00 – 6 Apr 21:00
New Government Complex, Independence Avenue, Lusaka
+260 955318014
Yesbud Summit