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about 4 years ago

Dancing Barefeet with the Stars 2018

Are you looking for an innovative and creative team building exercise for your team? Dancing Barefeet with the Stars is the answer!

Dancing Barefeet with the Stars is a fundraising dance competition among non-professional dancer teams.

Your team is going to train and dance together with a Zambian celebrity: B Flow, Cactus Agony Zambia and Maureen Lupo Lilanda, just to mention a few, are ready to dance with you.

Why is it the best team building exercise? The team members have to work together, trust each other and challenge themselves from their comfort zone to prepare a choreography to showcase during the show…. All this using the power of fun, music and dance in a very friendly and comfortable environment.

No. of Team members: min 6, max 12

Subscription fee includes a professional dance teacher for the training with the team for the competition; it does not include costumes and/or t-shirts.

For more information contact Barefeet.

8 Jun 18:00
K5,000 subscription fee
InterContinental Hotel, Haile Selassie Ave, Lusaka
+260 974724878
Dancing Barefeet with the Stars 2018
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