Mulungushi International Conference Centre
Mulungushi International Conference Centre
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about 4 years ago

Zambia E-Commerce Expo 2018

The 1st Zambia E-commerce Expo will be held this year under the theme “E-commerce - a catalyst in Zambia's economic growth". The event is solely dedicated to promoting e-commerce in Zambia and it will provide a unique platform for organizations to interact and connect with more consumers while creating public awareness about e-commerce.

E-commerce is poised to grow rapidly over the next few years as more people get access to the internet and therefore, this expo is a great opportunity for E-commerce businesses to forge the future together.

The expo content will include Online Banking, Fintech, Digital Marketing, Mobile banking, Cyber Security, Online Payments, Internet access, last mile delivery, Mobile Applications and e-commerce websites. The event is an opportunity to:

  • Meet new prospects and generate leads
  • Connect with current users of your services
  • Promote your organisation's image and maximise it’s marketing exposure
  • Discuss with your customers face-to-face and demonstrate your products and services
  • Research your prospective users and develop ways to distinguish your products and services
  • Test or launch new products and services at customer level

To learn more visit the link below.

28 Jun 08:00 – 29 Jun 16:00
Mulungushi International Conference Centre (MICC), 8025 Great East Road, Lusaka
Zambia E-Commerce Expo 2018
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Mulungushi International Conference Centre
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The Mulungushi International Conference Centre is the largest conference venue in Zambia. Located in the heart of Lusaka city with close proximity to some of the best hotels, banks and shopping malls, the MICC is an ideal place for conferences, meetings, exhibitions, product launches, corporate events, weddings, social parties and more. With a highly trained team, MICC offers catering services, event management, and a range of other business services.