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PMP Innovations
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Zambia Education Fair

Are you looking to increase your enrolment this year? The Zambia Education Fair is the premier must attend event focusing on student recruitment.

Do you want to market your offers and services to a targeted audience? PMP Innovations invite universities, colleges and funding institutions to join them in Zambia for the annual Zambia Education Fair in Lusaka and Ndola.

There will be 30 exhibitors, 500 students and 60 Career Guidance and Counselling Teachers to the event. Meet hundreds of students, parents and guardians and secure your presence in this ever growing market.


  • 3,000 kwacha (EUR 300) for institutions that wish to exhibit in one location
  • 5,000 kwacha ( EUR 500) for institutions that wish to exhibit in Lusaka and Ndola

The fee includes lunches, teas and a feature in MERGE, a free education publication by PMP Innovations Zambia that is distributed at the fair.



  • 29th May at New Government Complex in Lusaka
  • 31st May at the Savoy Hotel in Ndola

Who's exhibiting?

Local and international universities, colleges, scholarship providers and Embassies

​​Who's attending?

Students, prospective students, teachers, parents and guardians.

​​For registration and queries, please call Peter Mafuta through the number below or send an email.

26 May – 31 May
+260 966770072
Zambia Education Fair
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