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Systems For Growth & Profit - Workshop

This 2 half day training workshop is ideal for managers and employees who need to understand how systems and processes work in a company. Systems for growth & profit was designed as result of SME Accounting Services' experience with entrepreneurs and business owners. This course is designed to guide you through the entire process of creating productive and profitable systems for your business. When you have systems in place everybody knows what they need to do. Tasks get completed like clockwork and you consistently gain the right results. This in turn means productivity across your business improves, clients are delighted by your reliability and efficiency, your reputation spreads and the company's growth is accelerated, year after year.

Other persons interested are welcome to attend the workshop. To register please contact SME Accounting Services.

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15 Aug – 16 Aug
SME Accounting Services Ltd, 6054 Sibweni Road, Northmead, Lusaka
+260 977 445604 and +260 211 297050
Systems For Growth & Profit - Workshop
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This company offers SME financial management training solutions, professional accounting services and business advice. SME Accounting Services' focused approach towards the SME sector and in-depth understanding of their unique financial needs and challenges ensures it is well-placed to create relevant systems for SMEs, providing a strong foundation for sustainable growth. To ensure it can provide the right solution, the company is happy to respond to its clients' challenges by partnering with other corporates.