New Government Complex Conference Centre
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over 3 years ago

Zambia's 8th National Health Research Conference

Zambia has seen an unprecedented increase in advances in healthcare research and delivery over the last several decades. As we look to the future, it is essential that we consider how these scientific advances can support Zambia's vision of Health for All. It would also be important for Zambia to learn from the international scientific community the latest developments in health research and development and how those developments can be harnessed to inform Zambia’s Health Vision. We must act now to ensure the momentum and achievements of the past several decades continue to build, pursuing the implementation of our research findings into policy, strategies, and programs to promote a healthy Zambia.

This year's Zambia Health Research Conference (ZHRC) will serve as a showcase of these outsized efforts and bring together Zambia’s extensive community of local and international health researchers. The conference theme is Breaking New Ground in Health Research: Moving from Results to Implementation Without Leaving Anyone Behind and will be held in Lusaka.

For more information, to submit abstracts, and to register for the conference, visit the website via the link below. Email for any questions.

15 Oct 07:00 – 17 Oct 16:00
New Government Complex, Independence Ave, Lusaka
Zambia's 8th National Health Research Conference