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Cash-Flow and Debt Management For Improved Performance - Workshop

SME Accounting Services will be hosting a Cash-Flow and Debt Management For Improved Performance Training.

This 2 day training programme on Cash-Flow & Debt Management is designed to provide tools to enhance improved financial performance through proper cash-flow management. Things you'll learn:

  • Understand working capital (WC) - the life-blood of the organisation
  • Diagnose cash and working capital problems through ratio analysis
  • Get behind the ratios for better diagnosis of organisational issues through the cash conversion cycle
  • Complete a cash flow forecast and investigate the kinds of cash-flow issues that may arise
  • Build a rolling 12-month cash flow forecast model
  • Identify funding sources - short term and long term to bridge working capital shortfalls
  • Review your organisation’s credit and collection policies and identify areas for improvement
  • Realise the importance of a sound collection policy for effective monitoring and collecting of debts
  • Learn practical approaches to effective debt recovery
  • Understand Legal Processes for recovery through legal actions

For more information and to register contact SME Accounting Services today.

27 Sep 06:30 – 28 Sep 14:30
Esau Nebwe Conference Hall, ZICA Accountants Park, Thabo Mbeki Road, Lusaka
+260 211 297050, +260 954 593233
Cash-Flow and Debt Management For Improved Performance - Workshop
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