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2018 Further Education and Careers Fair

As the first of its kind in the North Western Province, this fair is aimed at students (and their parents) approaching the end of their school careers to make them aware of the various career and further education opportunities that are available to them after school. Such events have proven to be very effective the world over in getting students ready for life after school and at Sentinel Kabitaka School, they would like to ensure that students from the North Western Province are given the same opportunities as their global peers.

The Further Education and Careers Fair attracts over 1500 students from across Solwezi. It also hosts stakeholders from numerous organisations in the public and private sector. Sentinel Kabitaka therefore request for your company to partner with them in the event.

The participation fee will be K500 per stall. All proceeds will be used to fund the event itself and improve school facilities, therefore your contribution will go a long way and impact many lives.

3 Nov 06:00
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2018 Further Education and Careers Fair
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The vision of the founders of Sentinel School Kabitaka is to empower all who pass through with an education which will open their minds and prepare them for opportunities in life. They strive for a culture of lifelong learning which translates into an enlightened society capable of dealing with whatever challenges that may come its way. The school is a spiritually aware and a supportive environment which has been established to have an impact on its alumni long after they have moved on.