KaingU Safari Lodge
KaingU Safari Lodge
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Recharge your soul and body at KaingU's 4th Yoga Retreat weekend

Clare's weekend yoga retreat will take you through an evolving series of poses, counter poses and breathing exercises, bringing harmony to mind and body.

It features a range of yoga styles adapted to the preferences and needs of a small group. These may include hatha, the traditional yoga practice; vinyasa, a more physically demanding flow practice and Yin Yoga the gentle yoga which provides deep stretching with poses held for several minutes.

This programme is the perfect way to improve your body strength and flexibility immersed in the relaxing natural beauty of the banks of the Kafue River.

At KaingU Safari Lodge you will enjoy caring service and delicious healthy meals will complete your recreation.

Package includes:

  • Healthy nutritious meals and snacks
  • 4 Yoga sessions with Clare Sullivan on top of Mpamba Rock on Yoga island and on the deck overlooking the river,
  • One nature walk and a boat cruise

Extra : Head, back and full body massage available over the weekend

Duration: 2 nights per person

For more details and reservation contact KaingU Safari Lodge.

24 May – 26 May
KaingU Safari Lodge, Kafue National Park
+260 965 372956
Recharge your soul and body at KaingU's 4th Yoga Retreat weekend
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KaingU Safari Lodge
Kafue National Park
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Set in an area of pristine wilderness, KaingU Safari Lodge offers a magnificent Zambian safari experience in the heart of the African bush. On the edge of the Kafue River, it has something for everyone - fishing, bird watching, boating, game watching or just completely chilling out. KaingU Safari Lodge accommodation is made up of a family house and six custom made meru-style tents on raised decks by the river. You will be spoiled by the exceptionally high standard of food, all freshly prepared and served.