Stef's Sourdough Basket
Stef's Sourdough Basket
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over 2 years ago

Lusaka Food Market

Join Stef's Sourdough Basket at Lusaka Food Market for gluten-free bread, honey whole wheat bread, a new spent beer bread, and buttered pretzels. Everything is made with locally milled flours, using old European methods of wild yeast fermentation and lots of time. The breads and sweet treats are delicious, homely and moreish!

Come try all the delicious naturally-leavened sourdough bread and taste the passion-driven creations. See you there!

24 Aug 07:00
The Deli, Leopards Hill
+260 968 220381
Lusaka Food Market
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Stef's Sourdough Basket is an artisan bakery that creates naturally-leavened sourdough bread. For sustainability, health and responsibility from seed to a finished tasty loaf of bread, each item is made by hand with patience and dedication. By using a slow fermentation process, the bread has a full sourdough taste and excellent crusty crumb. Outlets include The Pantry in the Village, Debbefeld Veggies, The Deli, The Meatery and on request, Peaberry Coffee Roasters and Mint Lounge at Sandy's Creations. Fresh deliveries Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.