Snake Training (Awareness & Recognition)

This course is centered around the education of basic snake awareness and recognition.

The course aims to bring understanding to the attendee in the areas concerning the basic knowledge of the creature. This includes species, venoms, physiology, and most importantly their behavior. Extensive visuals are shown and snakes are exhibited depending on specimen availability.

Course objectives:

  • Understanding the snake as a creature.
  • Conservation and the law.
  • Emergency Snakebite Protocols
  • Species-specific to your district and Zambia.

The fee covers the following:

  • Entry to Kalimba Farms
  • Theory presentation of the subject matter
  • Mid-morning refreshments
  • Snake Exhibits (depending on availability of species)
  • Certificate of attendance upon completion on the day

Extras (optional):

  • Snake Awareness & Recognition Training Manual. This is an optional purchase for a fee of ZK 220.00. The manual contains all the information in the course and extra details, this purchase is highly suggested as the course covers a vast amount of information, and having something to refer to after the course may be needed. It can be purchased directly after the ticket purchase.
  • A free Emergency Snake Bite Protocol pdf poster can be sent to their email address. This can also be selected after the ticket purchase.


Click on the Date you wish to attend, then click on the ticket link which will take you to a third-party ticketing system. Select the tickets option.

Once you click on the tickets button you will be prompted to select a date that you wish to attend. After this, you can select the ticket type and quantity. Following this step "Merchandise" options will be made available, this is where you can choose to opt-in for the free PDF as well as purchase a Training Manual. Next, fill in all the relevant details making sure that they are correct. Please note that the country code for your mobile number needs to be added (+26 for Zambia) followed by your number itself. On the next screen, you can choose your payment method (card or mobile money), fill in the details, and complete the payment. You will be sent an email with your PDF ticket attached.

Be sure to bring your PDF ticket with you to the event, failure to do so means you will NOT be granted access.

Other payment methods can be privately arranged. To do so please contact them using the details below.

Date: Febuary 21st, 08:00 - Sun Febuary 21st, 16:00

Snake Training (Awareness & Recognition)
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Snakes Alive Zambia Education & Conservation (SAZI)
Promoting a positive attitude towards snakes
Snakes Alive Zambia Education & Conservation (SAZI) is a limited company that provides a service that is intended to educate participants, customers and clients by promoting the preservation of Zambian herpetofauna, as well as contribute to the conservation of the class of creature referred to as “reptilia”. Educational and conservation related activities take place in accordance with the Zambia Wildlife Act, 2015 and under the auspices of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation.