Foxdale Court Office Park
Foxdale Court Office Park
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Trash project Festival

The Italian Embassy in Lusaka wants to be proactive in supporting Zambian people in protecting their country’s gorgeous environment, beautiful landscape, and vast natural resources. For these reasons, we have organized a three-day festival, with the goal of promoting circular economy, enhancing bilateral cooperation on sustainable waste management and effective recycling processes, raising awareness among the youngest about the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling our trash.

The festival offers different events for different kinds of the public: institutions, entrepreneurs, families, and art lovers.

The venue is the Zambian Italian Cultural Centre and the date 24th -26th of March 2021.

For public institutions, enterprises, and Ngo. Book your seat at the Zambian-Italian Cultural Center with please specify which one of the 3 events you are booking for.

(maximum capacity of 50 seats due to Covid-19 prevention; all health precautions are strictly applied);

Register in advance for these webinars:

26/03 Topic: The beauty of Sustainability for Art Lovers

Trash project Festival
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Foxdale Court Office Park
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A stunning development in Roma, Foxdale Court Office Park is situated in a beautifully landscaped setting 10 minutes from Arcades and Manda Hill shopping malls. Some units offer products and services directly; others have additional outlets in other locations. This complex is ideal for shoppers who appreciate buying in a relaxed setting, for entrepreneurs looking for pleasant and prestigious office space, and for retailers wanting to tap into a ready made market.