Zambian Home Loans
Zambian Home Loans
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over 4 years ago

Bulk discounts on building materials

Did you know? Zambian Home Loans gets big bulk discounts on building materials which they pass directly on to you from their partners.

Big savings can mean that extra bedroom or that smart new kitchen you've always wanted.

To find out how you can get a construction loan contact Zambian Home Loans today.

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Bulk discounts on building materials
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Zambian Home Loans
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Zambian Home Loans is a collaboration between Investrust Bank Plc, African Life Financial Service Zambia Ltd and Sofala Capital. The company specialises in mortgage loans to construct homes and its sole focus is on helping its customers build their home. Zambian Home Loans gives its customers up to 20 years to repay their mortgages. Providing a personalised service, this company meets its customers to understand how much they can borrow and how large a home they can afford.