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Ogaz Zambia Ltd
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over 4 years ago

Discount on gas cylinder and stove set

OGaz Zambia is currently hosting a sale on a 9kg cylinder of gas and 2 plate glass stove set.

Limited stock available. To purchase yours contact OGaz Zambia on WhatsApp through the numbers below.

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+260 954539802, +260 954539801, +260 954549800
Discount on gas cylinder and stove set
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Ogaz Zambia is a wholly owned Zambian company that manufactures, distributes and efficiently supplies a range of industrial gases and related services – mainly liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) but also carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen and acetylene. The company supplies gases for commercial and domestic use. LPG is accessible to anyone without major infrastructure investment and is used in homes for lighting and cooking.