Steel Lines Zambia
Steel Lines Zambia
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almost 4 years ago

Wooden Poles is the BEST way to go

We all know what it is like, after spending huge sums of money on Steel Poles, Y-standards and accessories to install Game Fence, only…….

For it to be stolen and sold as scrap!

Wooden Poles is the BEST way to go. It has Zero Steel Scrap value.

Steellines Zambia has just received a Huge stock of

2.0mt Gum Poles.

Call us on 0975 007007 or 0950 597608

30081 Kantanga Road
+260 955 007007
Wooden Poles is the BEST way to go
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Steel Lines Zambia
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With a fully capable manufacturing operation in Zambia, this company specialises in the production of Conforce, Brickforce, game fencing, and hard drawn wire. The company primarily serves the agriculture and mining sectors, as well as the construction industry and currently has two production plants in Lusaka. Steel Lines yields an impressive excess of 2,000 metric tonnes of wire per month along with production to specification. From planning, to human resources, through to manufacturing and processing, this company holds the highest standards of quality.