AXIOS Zambia
AXIOS Zambia
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over 3 years ago

10% off this December for all Kitwe customers

Xerox Zambia is offering Kitwe customers 10% off this December. Come see the new offices at ECL mall and meet Punit and the experienced team. This company is looking forward to big things in the Copperbelt and appreciates all on going support from all customers.

+260 211 259038, +260 211 259034
10% off this December for all Kitwe customers
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AXIOS Zambia
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Are you looking for a printer? AXIOS Zambia are the authorised distributors of high quality Xerox office and production printing and copying equipment as well as toners. The company also provides print work-flow automation services, enterprise content management and software, and various IT solutions. Driven by passion for innovation and a desire to change the printing industry, AXIOS focuses on supplying its clients with state-of-the-art equipment and accessories. Their goal is to help clients to create great opportunities that can provide sustainability.