Livingstone's Adventure
Livingstone's Adventure
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Explore the best of Livingstone

Complete your Victoria Falls experience with a wonderful morning’s visit to Livingstone. Your combo Livingstone trip starts at:


Your day starts bright and early on the Zambian side of the border with a warm welcome from your guide who will transport you to Batoka Sky. Experience a spectacular 15-minute Microlight Flight over the Victoria Falls and Gorge. Your guide will accompany you the Royal Jetty for a speedy boat transfer on the Zambezi River for your exclusive Island Breakfast. Immerse yourself in Livingstone’s history with a visit to the Livingstone Museum, historical buildings and Mukuni Park Curio Market to meet colourful local artists.


After refreshments, your guide will transfer you to the Zambian side of the border for the border crossing back to Zimbabwe.

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Explore the best of Livingstone
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Livingstone's Adventure
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Livingstone's Adventure is a one-stop tourist adventure destination and booking facility for activities and things to do in Livingstone. Experience Zambia's abundant wildlife and scenic views, and choose from river cruises and safaris, canoeing, white water rafting, helicopter and microlight flights, quad bikes, horse-riding, and horse-drawn carriage rides. Livingstone is considered the tourist capital of Zambia, but it has also become the region's adventure capital. A wide variety of world-class activities are on offer.