Green Energy Distributors
Green Energy Distributors
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over 2 years ago

Discounted solar panels, batteries and inverter

Zambia is currently facing a power deficit, do not let load shedding inconvenience you at home or slow down your business! Take advantage of this promotion by getting yourself an inverter, gel batteries and solar panels.

Sunpal Gel Batteries - 12 V, 220 AH now $300

Trina Solar panels - 325W now $119.6

TBB Inverters

  • 1KW now $312
  • 2KW now $468
  • 3KW now $540
  • 4KW now $642

Sunpal Hybrid Inverters

  • 3KW now $462
  • 5KW now $726
Offer expires
31 Oct
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Discounted solar panels, batteries and inverter
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Green Energy Distributors
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Green Energy Distributors is a full-service electrical, solar and LED lighting supply and contracting firm. The company’s core competencies includes but not limited to solar and electrical component supply, system design and installation, as well as renovation. It distributes mainly to retailers, manufacturing industries, farmers and other contractors. Green Energy prides itself on being very flexible and reacting according to your needs as well as market demands - allowing products for projects and retailers to be delivered on time and on budget, with no surprises.