Soundwave Zambia
Soundwave Zambia
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over 2 years ago

Special Day wedding package

Take the arm of your spouse and open the dance floor with this ‘Special Day’ wedding package which includes sound, light and a DJ.

Additionally, Soundwave Zambia also have smaller sound and lighting packages for amazing parties at any venue, such as house parties and birthday parties.

Remember that Soundwave Zambia caters for any size event! offer valid until further notice.

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Soundwave Zambia
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Established in 2010, Soundwave Zambia is a new age event company that offers top-notch audio, visual, lighting and stage production management services for events, concerts, festivals, private, public and corporate functions of all sizes. The company provides a music festival quality management service that will run your program or event from start to finish. Their efficient team will make sure a brilliant service is executed and delivered.