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Avoid the last-minute rush

Hire Garibara to renew your motor vehicle road tax and insurance at a small fee of K̶1̶5̶0̶ 𝐊𝟒𝟗.

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Avoid the last-minute rush
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Vehicle registration and compliance
Motor vehicle insurance assistance
Fleet management
People and organisations buy motor vehicles for different reasons but one key desire present to all is mobility - the ability to get from one point to the other. Owning a motor vehicle comes with its own compliance requirements such as road tax, fitness, registration and insurance. Garibara manages all motor vehicle compliance requirements on behalf of individuals and organisations so that they are able to focus on their core activities without spending time in long unproductive queues at the licencing office. This allows motorists to get in their cars, start the engine and drive to the next destination in properly licenced motor vehicles at all times. For its customer's convenience, Garibara has developed an online platform where motorists can enroll their vehicles and make service requests.