Eggtech Incubators
Eggtech Incubators
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Solar-powered egg incubator now in stock

Eggtech incubators completely solar-powered new technology 660 capacity reliable egg incubator with inbuilt hatcher. 10 years free repair and 6 month free spares. Requires 1 battery and 2 panels.

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K8,000 including delivery and installation
+260 777 744777, +260 979 700171
Solar-powered egg incubator now in stock
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Eggtech Incubators
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Eggtech Incubators manufactures good quality egg incubators, hatchers and poultry houses, all at affordable prices. Suitable for both small and large consumers, these equipment's are perfect for those starting their own hatcheries as well as established poultry businesses. Eggtech Incubators are also breeders of exotic birds such as parrots, peacocks, Mandarin ducks and many other breeds. In addition they breed rabbits and supply all the accessories needed for their upkeep.