Jewel of Africa
Jewel of Africa
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40% off jewellery - EastPark store closure sale

Get an all-access pass to the most exquisite high-quality jewellery in town. Visit Jewel of Africa and get your desired piece, a unique present for a special someone or just because you can never have enough jewellery, enjoy 40% discount on all their jewellery off-the-shelf!

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25 Sep 12:00
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40% off on all jewellery *(except chains )
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40% off jewellery - EastPark store closure sale
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Jewel of Africa
Gemstones & Lapidary
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Jewel of Africa are manufacturers of world class jewellery using Zambian gemstones such as emerald, tourmaline, garnets, aquamarines, citrines, Amethyst. They offer exquisite pendants, earrings, rings and more. This beautifully presented design-led jewellery proudly competes in the international market. A quality jewellery repair service is also available and rings can be resized. Their experts will be happy to help you with other services, valuations, engraving, cleaning and polishing.