Tamboja Cake & Bake Unlimited
Tamboja Cake & Bake Unlimited
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50% off cake and muffin stands

Are you a bakery owner or professional baker? Or maybe baking is your hobby and you are looking for a reliable company for high quality equipment?

Take advantage of Tamboja's black Friday deals and get up to 50% off cake an muffin stands.

Offer valid from 27th November to 06 December. Terms and conditions apply!

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50% off cake and muffin stands
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Tamboja Cake & Bake Unlimited
Occasional cakes
Central Cafe (Tamboja Coffee shop)
Baking equipment and ingredients
Founded in 2015, Tamboja Cake & Bake Unlimited started out as a small scale supplier of baking aids for cake bakers in Lusaka. But the company soon discovered a demand for their products from all over the country, as well as a market for a number of other items related to more advanced baking - edible decoration, edible printing baking tools etc. Today, Tamboja Cake and Bake Unlimited supplies everything you might need for your home baking or your professional cake baking challenges.