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20% Off Lei 400 coffee vending machine

Get a discount of 20% when you purchase one of our Lei 400 coffee Vending machines with 13 options of coffee or tea to choose from.

The LEI 400 can dispense both instant and ground coffee with customizable sugar dosage. Water can be supplied through a water system or via an autonomous tank. Users enjoy a direct selection panel with 13 visible and intuitive push buttons, a cup sensor as well as a cup dispenser that is adjustable to various diameters. Switching power supply guarantees complete electric safety protections.

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20% Off Lei 400 coffee vending machine
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Supergold Vending specializes in and distributes hot beverage solutions for professional organizations across Zambia. They cater to the needs of all sectors, ensuring your clients and employees have access to high-quality beverages from dependable coffee vending machines on your premises. Supergold is a recognized agent for the distribution and maintenance of Saeco Philips Italy and Bianchi Vending Italy, both makers of high quality vending machines.