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Winter deals - get 23% off Coconut oil

Walk into Umoyo today and get their 350ml coconut oil jar from only K95 from K130, that's a 23% discount you cant afford to miss.

Umoyo’s coconut oil has been cold-pressed to preserve its health benefits. Its high content of healthy Medium Chain Triglycerides significantly reduce appetite and increase energy expenditure thus, helps in weight loss.

Ingredients: 100% Coconut oil. If stored below 24c the oil will solidify.


  • Natural spread substitute to margarine & butter.
  • Add to smoothies, yoghurt, porridge salads & curries.
  • Coconut oil when mixed with baking soda acts as an inexpensive simple, effective toothpaste.
  • Bath soak(when added to water) will help moisturize dry itchy skin.
  • Inexpensive Deodorant due to its antibacterial properties(apply a small amount directly onto armpits to keep odours at bay).
  • Shaving Lotion i.e apply a thin amount of coconut oil in an area to be shaved and shave as usual.
  • It also contains almost 50% Lauric Acid which helps kill harmful pathogens like bacteria, Virus, Yeast, and Fungi.
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23% discount
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Winter deals - get 23% off Coconut oil
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Umoyo Natural Health was established in 2007 and has grown into a well-known and highly regarded supplier of natural health products in Zambia. The company sources high quality health products from all over the world, offering them for sale at their many Health Shops around Zambia. Staff undergo regular product training sessions enabling them to respond to clients' questions and recommend suitable products. Umoyo is passionate about health and looks forward to serving you!