Splashh Cleaning Chemicals
Splashh Cleaning Chemicals
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10 months ago

New Splashh outlet with amazing deals!

  • Dishwashing liquid at K45 per 2.5 L
  • Pine disinfectant spray at K100 per 5 L

Offer valid 2nd September 2021.

Oasis Mall shop no 77 Lusaka
+260 954 966486
New Splashh outlet with amazing deals!
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Splashh Cleaning Chemicals
Cleaning and janitorial products
Personal hygiene products
Wholesale cleaning products
Manufacturers of safe and environmentally sound cleaning chemicals and personal hygiene products. They include multipurpose cleaners, multi-surface cleaners, pine gel, pine disinfectant, the spirit of salts, dishwashing liquid, car shampoo as well as liquid hand soap and hand sanitiser. Splashh Cleaning Chemicals’ range of products is used extensively both domestically and commercially by hotels, canteens, hospitals, schools, offices and general cleaning agents. The company's manufacturing processes are founded on the framework of approved ISO standards by the Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS), with a focus on excellence.