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Crop Pro Zambia
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4 months ago

Special offer on agro - chemicals

Ambush 19.2 EC

Active ingredient: Emamectin Benzoate 19.2 G/L

Pack size: 100 X 100ML

Price: 18.00

Bolt 72 WP

Active ingredient: Metalaxyl, 8 + Mancozeb 64 WP

Pack size: 10 X 1 KG

Price: 155.00

Chaser 500 SC

Active ingredient: Astrazine 250 G/ L + Cyanazine 250 G/L SC

Pack size: 10 X 1LIT

Price: 125.00

Path 720 SL

Active ingredient: 2 4D 720G / L SL

Pack size: 10 X 1LIT

Price: 80.00

Shooter 200 SL

Active ingredient: Acetamiprid 200g/l SL

Pack size: 100 X 100ML

Price: 20.00

Supa Sheild

Active ingredient: Chloropyrifos 480g/ L EC

Pack size: 20 X 1LIT

Price: 65.00

Terms and conditions apply!

1. Prices are valid on cash payments only

2. Hurry while stocks last!

3. Products expire 2024

4. Promotion runs for the month of February

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Special offer on agro - chemicals
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Crop Pro Zambia
Agrochemicals and fertilisers
Crop Pro Zambia Ltd was established in 2019 with the vision to become the preferred choice for agrochemicals and seeds in Zambia. The company supplies some of the best brands for farmers, known for their quality and performance. With vast knowledge and expertise across sub-Saharan Africa, spanning thirty years in this sector, Crop Pro Zambia offers quality products to farmers to help ensure a healthy crop and bumper harvest. Agriculture is their culture!