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Agritech Expo

Chisamba, Zambia
Expos and Trade fairs
Agritech Expo is the first and only outdoor agricultural trade expo in Zambia. It launched in 2014 in partnership with the Zambia National Farmers Union, Musika and GART Research Centre. This Expo offers a professional business to business platform for farmers and agricultural executives, providing a fantastic opportunity for small scale farmers and commercial farmers to network with each other and conduct business with some of the world's leading suppliers in the agricultural industry.

Expos and Trade fairs

The Agritech Expo platform gives visitors a unique opportunity to network, meet some of the world's leading agricultural companies and learn about the latest products and services in the sector. It addresses the needs of the entire agricultural value chain in Zambia and neighbouring countries.

Agritech Expo 2014 attracted 7,500 agricultural professionals and 65 exhibiting companies from across the globe. With ambitious growth plans in place for 2015, Agritech Expo is projected to have in excess of 130 exhibitions and 10,000 plus visitors. The 2015 Agritech Expo features several technical workshops, where those interested can learn about agricultural topics ranging from farm mechanisation and irrigation to commodity markets, milling, herbicides and microbes.

Agritech Expo 2015 is divided into a number of zones – machinery demonstration areas, crop trial and seed producer sections, an irrigation zone, a finance and insurance area, fertiliser and agrochemicals zone, livestock equipment and sprayer arena, technical and practical workshops, and VIP business lounges.

Agritech Expo's key partners:


Zambia National Farmers Union is the apex farmers association in Zambia, promoting the interests of over 600,000 farmers across Zambia. It has 550 commercial farmers as members, 1000+ emerging farmers, 100 agribusiness and large corporate companies, and over 30 associate members and financial institutions.


Golden Valley Agricultural Research Trust (GART) was formed in 1993 in a joint venture between the Government of Zambia and the Zambia National Farmers Union. GART is an autonomous and self-sustaining Public Private Partnership that exceeds 1300 hectares. The site is situated along the Great North Road, approximately 50 km from Lusaka’s city centre.


Musika is a Zambian non-profit company that works to stimulate private sector investment in the smallholder market. It works with a range of stakeholders, but with an emphasis on private sector entities that focus on linking with the rural poor as their suppliers, consumers, clients or employees. This company is committed to building value added profitable relationships between companies and farmers in all regions and sectors.

Specialty Emergency Services Ltd

Specialty Emergency Services (SES) is a medical services provider with extensive experience in emergency care and evacuation in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is supported by a membership plan and from its central base in Zambia, it is able to provide rapid emergency response services across the Sub-Saharan Africa.

Sectors covered at Agritech 2015:

Arable farming

Crop demonstration plots will show new varieties of crop, the latest advancements in application of fertilisers and plant protection products. Technical and practical workshops, experiments and presentations will help visitors gain competence and a knowledge of new techniques and inputs.


Products and services on show include veterinary care, feeds, pens and enclosures. Live auctions also promise to be an exciting attraction.

Equipment and machinery

The 6 hectares of live presentations in prepared field conditions will feature the latest farming equipment and technologies, covering everything from tilling, seeding, harvesting, hauling, irrigating, spraying and processing through to packaging.

Services and supplies

A variety of dedicated companies are exhibiting at Agritech Expo 2015, representing a wide range of farming services, consultancies, equipment, technologies and farming research.

The premier business event for the agricultural industry, featuring senior decision makers from:

  • Government
  • Commercial farms
  • Agricultural and regional organisations and associations
  • Agro-processors
  • Donor/investment community

Why you should exhibit at Agritech Expo

  • This is Zambia's only live outdoor agricultural and farming trade expo
  • An opportunity to meet with the agricultural industry decision-makers
  • An opportunity to demonstrate your organisation's competitive edge
  • Become a supplier of choice in Africa's fastest growing agricultural market
Expos and Trade fairs
Agritech Expo · Expos and Trade fairs


The 2018 Agritech Expo Zambia is back with new feature areas and farming professionals from more countries attending. This expo offers farmers of all scales a platform to network with their peers and explore new technologies and farming methods in order to boost operations, yield and productivity.

Why exhibit in 2018?

  • Elevates brand image to leading Zambian and regional agricultural buyers
  • Interactions with international industry professionals and suppliers
  • Generates direct sales with new business prospects
  • Showcases products alongside that of competitors and demonstrate market-leading qualities
  • Launches new products to a captive targeted audience of farming professionals
  • Find new agents and distributors to discuss potential investment opportunities
  • Create new contacts and maintain existing business relationships

2018 Agritech Expo features

Machinery demonstrations

Always an exciting attraction, this is a great display of versatility and capability by leading machinery suppliers.

Construction park

This is a welcomed addition that offers visitors a selection of quality construction equipment to suit their agricultural needs.

4x4 test track

An exciting and challenging track that gives visitors the opportunity to test their skills or simply be driven around the track and experience the capability and manoeuvrability of high-end utility vehicles.

Crop trials

Visitors are able to view the yields of seeds from a variety of seed producers and respective agro chemicals companies.

Energy park

Introduced in 2016, the energy park offers innovative ways to get off the grid amidst the power crisis unfolding in Southern Africa.

International pavilions

Agritech has become an internationally acclaimed event, boasting over 39 countries being represented onsite year on year. In 2018, Agritech Expo expects to feature over 10 international country pavilions featuring products and solutions from global industry leaders, this will give attendees the opportunity to view and discuss products from outside their local market.

Indoor expo

This feature showcases a variety of local and international agri suppliers looking to expand their footprint in sub-Saharan Africa.

Irrigation zone

The zone displays a wide variety of irrigation systems and farming solutions, including centre pivot displays for commercial and small-scale farmers from leading industry suppliers.

Livestock zone

The zone incorporates various breeders who display their livestock services, species of livestock including goats, cows and sheep, as well as animal feeds and veterinary services.

Centre pivot display

Agritech Expo Zambia is the first agri focused event in Africa to showcase a live centre pivot as part of the show. This will give commercial farming professionals the ability to see the different growth rates of various crops under centre pivot irrigation, which is an integral part of their farming practice and methods.

Interactive training workshops

These workshops are presented by industry experts and focus on modernising small-scale farmers. They provide access to market information and innovations from the latest financial loan models to new agri solutions.

Commercial farmers’ workshops

Focusing on innovative solutions and initiatives, these workshops help commercial farmers to increase productivity under challenging market conditions.

SME zone

A cost-effective designed area for local based companies to participate in the event and to engage with farming professionals, without having to create a large display area.

VIP business lounge

This exclusive area of the event is specifically geared for VIP farmers, government officials, policy makers and media officials to network and conduct meetings, directly with suppliers to the market and vendor companies.

New in 2018: Extended aquaculture showcase

Aquaculture is a growing market in Sub-Saharan Africa and Agritech Expo will be showcasing the regions’ most prominent players in this field and will give the farming professionals attending the opportunity to learn more about this lucrative market and to explore new ways, in which to incorporate this practice into their farming operations.

New in 2018: Mowing and baling demonstrations

For the first time, Agritech 2018 will be showcasing live mowing demonstrations, this new demo area is focusing on quality mechanisation for mowing purposes and will give farming professionals the opportunity to view this equipment in action.

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