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Altech Netstar Zambia Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia
Vehicle security and tracking
This company uses a sophisticated electronic vigil system to provide real time fleet management and stolen motor vehicle tracking. Recovery services are provided through an operations network covering most of central and southern Africa. This fleet management and vehicle recovery system enables you to know the location of your vehicle at any time. With the Altech Netstar system, clients are also able to calculate vehicle productivity and to control routes.

Vehicle security and tracking

Using the Altech Netstar fleet management and vehicle recovery system, the control centre is fitted with vehicle tracking devices. A GPS receiver in the VBU unit (installed in the vehicle) allows the control centre to locate the vehicle. Harsh breaking, acceleration and excessive idling can all be identified.

Using the Altech Netstar’s system, vehicle position is indicated on a map together with the time and speed. Clients have instant data access via the internet, LAN or leased line facilities. They can set up and view different types of information such as vehicle information, location, trip history and different report types for violations.

Altech Netstar not only tracks stolen vehicles but also recovers them, using a unique recovery operations network that covers most of the central and southern African region.

Client base

Clients that use the Altech Netstar system include Zambian Breweries, Zambia Bottlers, Bank of Zambia and the Zambian Government (Office of the First President, Cabinet Office, National Assembly and most Government Ministries).

Vehicle tracking – covers Central and Southern Africa

  • Fleet management
  • Stolen vehicle tracking
  • Stolen vehicle recovery
Vehicle security and tracking
Altech Netstar Zambia Ltd · Vehicle security and tracking
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