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Amaka Arts Festival

Lusaka, Zambia
Held in Lusaka, Zambia, the Amaka Arts Festival is an annual event that aims to add value to the Zambian art market. The festival is the first international multi-disciplinary arts festival in the country and features five disciplines which include film, visual arts, dance, fashion and literary arts. It is designed to provide an internationally recognised market to expose the rich Zambian culture through its arts. The Amaka Arts Festival aims to develop creative industries into sustainable businesses, contributing to national development.


The festival is youth friendly and hopes to expose Zambians to different genres of art, whilst using the arts as a catalyst to educate people about HIV/AIDS and gender issues. Partners and participants include artists from West Africa, Southern Africa, Asia, the Middle East and USA.

Film Festival

A colourful event that showcases Zambian talent in film alongside a selection of films from around Africa. The aim of the film festival is to promote the film industry in Zambia as a sustainable industry with potential to contribute to the economy. It offers a platform for young film makers in Zambia, allowing them to network with funding bodies and those with knowledge in the sector. The film festival has three main components:

Training workshop

  • Film and TV competition
  • Film screenings
  • Visual Arts Expo

The Visual Arts Expo exhibits Zambia's finest, pottery, paintings and handcrafts. Artefacts from 10 different provinces are displayed in different marquees. The Visual Arts Expo is preceded by several workshops that highlight the development of visual arts in Zambia. alongside presentations of academic papers to unravel the history of art.

Dance Festival

The Dance Festival is a celebration of the rich cultural inheritance of Zambia that expressed in the form of dance. Several dance flash mobs are carried out throughout the city leading up to the actual festival. Dance exchange programs featuring dance artists from other African countries are also held to add colour to the festival. The festival features a number of dance troupes that showcase dances from the ten provinces of Zambia. It is accompanied by brief cultural narrations of the cultural heritage preserved with each dance. Business development workshops are held for dancers during the festival as well as community outreach programs in dance.

Fashion Show

The fashion show showcases some of Zambia's best designers and features some of the best continental and world designers. The festival recognises fashion as an art that is slowly growing in Zambia and seeks to showcase the significance of fashion as an industry. The fashion show includes several workshops such as:

  • Fashion as a profession
  • Technical design
  • Fashion as a business
  • Literary Arts Festival

The Literary Arts Festival aims to re-establish the reading culture in Zambia by showcasing a diverse genre of literary material. The festival includes poetry readings, writers' workshops and the display of books by Zambians and books about Zambia. Creative writing workshops are featured giving information on:

  • How to get published
  • Copyright laws
  • International writing competitions
  • Self publishing

Amaka Arts Festival features

  • Dance
  • Fashion
  • Film
  • Literary arts
  • Visual arts
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