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Arm-Safety Security Services Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia
Home security
Security systems
Security services
Arm-Safety Security Services Ltd is a security services company that offers physical and technical support as well as safety and consultation services. The company provides security services that meet the growing needs of households, various industries and the business community, with effective custom-designed solutions for safety and security needs. Operational since 2009, Arm-Safety Security Services Ltd aims to give world-class professional security services, all at affordable rates.

Home security

For a complete peace of mind whether home or away, Arm-Safety Security Services offers a diverse range of security solutions that are designed to keep its clients' families and valuables safe. The company carefully listens to its clients' home security requirements to recommend a cost effective solution that meets their needs.

Arm-Safety Security Service provides bespoke residential security services. The company can supply guards and dog units to work during the day, night or both. The company also offers rapid response and alarm monitoring services. Arm-Safety Security Service possesses vast experience in offering effective home security services that are tailored to prevent crime.

Arm-Safety Security Service has grown considerably due to its high standards of professionalism and expertise. The company operates with flexibility, confidence and is continuously making an effort to meet the ever-changing requirements of its clients.

Home security
Arm-Safety Security Services Ltd · Home security

Security systems

Arm-Safety Security Services offers security services that include electric fence systems, access control systems, CCTV systems, alarm monitoring, time and attendance systems, and intruder monitoring. The company works closely with each client in order to provide well-researched services that meet specific requirements.

Arm-Safety Security Services Ltd appreciates that theft is not the only security threat businesses face today. Staff safety, vandalism, damage to machinery and equipment can all have a devastating effect on business and day to day operations, this is the foundation on which Arm-Safety's services have been built.

Arm-Safety Security Services uses the latest technology to provide value added services, analysis and solutions for its clients. The company is dedicated to designing strategies that ensure that each client's unique safety needs are met. It works closely with each client in order to provide well-researched services that meet specific requirements.

Controlled access

Arm-Safety Security Services is a leader in providing controlled-access security systems and solutions to financial institutions and commercial properties such as offices, warehouses, universities and hotels.

Physical security assessment

Arm-Safety Security Services is able to assess the safety of a client's premises or facility and advise on the best solutions based on the latest industry standards in terms of safety. The company uses its extensive experience and expertise to perform an in-depth evaluation of the safety and security of clients' facilities. Arm-Safety's comprehensive assessment includes:

  • Access issues
  • Potential problem areas
  • Code issues
  • Industry standards
  • Current loss preventions
  • Fire safety and emergency preparedness
  • Efficacy of current security programme
  • Location and surrounding environment
  • Inventory, industry standards and many more

Arm-Safety Security Services discusses the results of the physical security assessment with the building or facility managers and determines what steps should be taken to improve the overall safety and security of a client's location. Arm-Safety Security Services takes into account the unique characteristics of each business and location, and develops specific strategies to meet the needs presented, this company is then in a position to help implement a higher standard of safety and security.

GPS tracking systems

Arm-Safety Security Services offers the Fleet Locate GPS tracking system which captures a wealth of real-time data about your vehicles, then puts this data right at your fingertips. This GPS tracking system increases visibility into your fleet, and you'll also see an increase in productivity, efficiency, customer service and profits. Through Fleet Locate's easy-to-use web-based dashboard, interfaces, and reports, you'll have unprecedented visibility into your fleet performance.

Security systems
Arm-Safety Security Services Ltd · Security systems

Security services

Arm-Safety Security Services Ltd is a fully owned Zambian security service company that offers physical and technical support as well as consultations. Services include physical security assessment, concierge and doorman services, armed and unarmed guards, mobile patrols and surveillance, and an investigation service.

Arm-Safety Security Services provides high quality services to corporate organisations, individuals and domestic clients. Arm-Safety Security Services gives each client individual attention throughout the process of assessment, design and implementation of the desired security solution. Services offered to corporate clients include:

  • Concierge and doorman security services
  • Armed and unarmed guards
  • Controlled access systems
  • Mobile patrols and surveillance
  • Investigations

Other clients such as individuals, domestic /household, are offered the following services:

  • Doorman services
  • Physical security assessment
  • Armed and unarmed guards
  • Mobile patrols and surveillance
  • Investigations

Arm-Safety's extensive experience and time in the industry has taught the company to create effective, highly personalised security services. Arm-Safety offices are equipped with state-of-the-art communication technology allowing officers to call for support at all times. Control room staff are available seven days a week and work round the clock 24/7.

Range of services:

Concierge and doorman services

When providing concierge and doorman services, Arm-Safety Security Services recognises that every client is different. Some locations may be chiefly concerned with preventing crime and controlling building access while others may need a much more comprehensively designed strategy with emergency armed response. Arm-Safety's concierge security officers are screened, trained, and assigned to the positions for which they are well qualified.

Everything can be customised, including officer's uniforms and daily duties, matching the needs of each individual client. Doorman security officers perform a wide variety of duties depending on the location and needs of the client. General security duties include:

  • Regular or irregular patrols, interior and exterior
  • Gatekeeper duties
  • Enforcement of all rules and regulations
  • Handling of any special circumstances or incidents
  • Inspections of outgoing trash from cleaning service

Armed security officers

Arm-Safety Security Services provides armed security officers for protection of facilities that require more extensive protection. The company offers fully licensed, insured and bonded armed security services to financial institutions, industrial facilities, and more.

Arm-Safety Security Services works closely with each client to determine the level of armed security that their facilities require and to customise their services to meet the client's needs. Arm-Safety Security Services takes its responsibilities very seriously.

The company ensures that its officers meet and exceed all state requirements and are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, enabling them to provide the highest level of security. All armed security officers have extensive experience and have undergone rigorous training, monitoring and evaluation to ensure that they are able to provide the highest level of security possible.

Unarmed security service

Arm-Safety Security Services also provides unarmed security officers for protection of facilities that do not require more extensive protection. The company recognises that in many facilities, unarmed officers are an excellent deterrent against crimes such as vandalism.

The company offers well trained and bonded security services to financial institutions, industrial facilities, and more. The option of unarmed security gives a helpful alternative for clients that want to avoid the additional cost and time of hiring armed security guards.

Unarmed security officers are highly screened and well trained to provide unparalleled service in any situation. Unarmed security services are customised to a client's individual needs to ensure the safety and well-being of the client's facility, visitors, staff and the general public. Arm-Safety Security Services provides excellent unarmed security services to individuals, businesses and organisations in a variety of settings such as:

  • Retail outlets in residential areas
  • Shopping malls
  • Industrial premises
  • Colleges and university campuses
  • Apartment buildings and residential communities
  • Vacant property
  • High-rise buildings
  • Office complexes
  • Constructions sites

Mobile patrol and surveillance services

Arm-Safety Security Services provides a mobile patrol service that complements security personnel stationed at client facilities. The service takes the form of rapid response units and regular surveillance to all contracted clients and includes alarm activations as well as mobile patrols.

By responding to any emergency situation, both residential and commercial properties are kept safe and secure. Arm-Safety Security Services security personnel have state-of-the-art equipment to communicate effectively with the command centre should they need any kind of backup.


Arm-Safety Security Services also carries out investigation and intelligence advisory services at the request of a client. Investigations officers are closely supervised and ably supported by team leaders and managers. Arm-Safety teams have the kind of local knowledge and on-site training that keep them a step ahead, whatever the threat. These investigations range from detection and verification to inquiries and competitive intelligence.

Security services
Arm-Safety Security Services Ltd · Security services
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