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Automotive Equipment Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia
Car parts
Truck and Bus parts
Auto fitment centres
Established in 1971, this is now one of the largest companies for the supply and fitment of automotive spares. Automotive Equipment specialises in supplying vehicle parts like batteries, lubricants and tyres, with quality products in a variety of makes and models. The company stocks parts for cars and commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses. Automotive Equipment is customer focused, offering technical advice and a range of services including tyre changing, wheel balancing and alignment for all vehicles.

Car parts

Automotive Equipment have streamlined their operations to enable them to efficiently cater for clients' needs in the auto spares market. Their range is comprehensive and their stock levels are stable. Customers are invited to check the quality and sturdiness of all the Automotive Equipment products and services for themselves.

The company sells a complete range of new parts and batteries and has been influential in stabilising prices in this sector.


Automotive Equipment Ltd employees are well-trained in tyre technology and sales, with the technical expertise necessary to give the best advice on choosing the right tyres for your vehicle. They offer door to door delivery, tyre fitting, wheel balancing and shock absorber fitting.

Automotive Equipment products

  • Car care – car body paints, car care products, hand cleaners and silicone
  • Clutches – pressure plates, thrust bearings and clutch plates
  • Engine parts – pistons, piston rings, engine bearings, engine bushes, engine washers, gaskets and seals
  • Lubricants – engine oil for gasoline, diesel and turbo engines, hydraulic oil, gear oil (light and heavy duty), transformer oil, automatic transmission fluid, grease and brake fluid
  • Lights – head lamps, side lamps, fender and bumper lamps, tail lamps, spot lamps and bulbs
  • Suspension parts – lower arms, track rods, tie rod ends, ball joints, rack ends, CV joints, wheel bearings
  • Tyres – bias and radial for cars, pick-ups, trucks, buses, agriculture tyres, and OTR tyres including underground and surface
Car parts
Automotive Equipment Ltd · Car parts

Truck and Bus parts

Covering Scania, DAF, Mercedes-Benz, Cummins, Volvo, Toyota, Mitsubishi and more, Automotive Equipment offers an extensive range of quality truck and bus parts including engines, gear boxes, conrod bearings, gaskets, fuel pumps, sensors, piston kits, fan belts, rims, tyres, air bags and cabin shocks.

Since its inception, Automotive Equipment has been supplying high quality aftermarket parts and accessories for various bus, truck and trailer models. The company's range of products are sourced from leading manufacturers and specialist suppliers. Automotive Equipment stands behind the quality of its parts and accessories, especially their reliability and durability.

Automotive Equipment's goal is to provide its clients with direct access to a wide range of parts and accessories. The company achieves this by working closely with its suppliers, who have been carefully selected for their reliable brands, quality products and exceptional customer service.

Truck and Bus parts
Automotive Equipment Ltd · Truck and Bus parts

Auto fitment centre

Automotive Equipment offers professional wheel alignment, rotating and balancing for all types of vehicles. The company also supplies exhaust systems, brakes, Cv joints, suspension parts, tyres and many other parts.

Automotive Equipment supplies and fits a complete range of parts and accessories for most makes and models of vehicles. The company offers an affordable service of the highest standard, giving its clients peace of mind. Their team is trained in all the latest technologies and has the most up to date diagnostic equipment to identify any faults on a vehicle as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Wheel balancing

Changes in the distribution of weight around a tyre and wheel assembly are normal and caused by day-to-day tread wear. But by balancing the wheels, drivers not only aid in the proper tyre tread wear, they are also helping to minimise potential vibration in their steering wheel, seat and floorboard.

Wheel alignment

This is the basis on which a vehicle runs in a correct and straight driving line. However, if the alignment is not right, which essentially means that if all four wheels are not pointing in a straight direction as they are supposed to as specified from the manufacturer, a number of problems would come up while driving the car. The problems can range from the car struggling to keep a straight line at normal speed to the vehicle pulling to one side and vibrations in the steering wheel. If a driver does not align his wheels, this will promote irregular wear and tear of the tyres, as well as reduce the life of the suspension.

Tyre rotation

Tyres can wear differently depending on their position on the vehicle. Automotive Equipment can move them from one wheel to another and from left to right or back to front, or even diagonally to ensure that each tyre wears evenly.

Auto fitment centre
Automotive Equipment Ltd · Auto fitment centre
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