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Bimbe Trading Company Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia
Building materials
Industrial chemicals and gases
Cleaning products and equipment
Established in 1986, Bimbe Trading produces high grade chemical products including paints, detergents, adhesives, hardware, auto and industrial products. The company is dedicated to producing and supplying safe high-quality products to their customers and society at large. Without ignoring the environmental effects of their processes and products, Bimbe Trading's range of products are manufactured under strict laboratory control to ensure quality and consistency.

Building materials

Under the brand name Tuffstuff Coatings, Bimbe Trading manufactures and supplies a wide selection of interior, exterior and industrial paints. There is also a variety of primers for pre-coating where imperfections on the surface might cause poor adhesion with the paints – made for steel, concrete and wood.

Since inception, Bimbe Trading's formulations have produced some of the most durable residential, commercial and industrial coatings available in Zambia. The company has earned the trust and confidence of its clients by delivering quality, service and value.

Paints under the brand name Tuffstuff coatings

  • PVA paint
  • Gloss
  • Acrylic
  • Weather guard
  • Ceiling
  • Oxide - red, green, grey, yellow, blue
  • Under coat
Building materials
Bimbe Trading Company Ltd · Building materials

Industrial chemicals and gases

Bimbe Trading is a leading industrial manufacturer of an array of adhesives including Tuff Bond, parquet tile glue, wood glue, as well as carton, contact and paper to paper adhesives. The company's range of industrial adhesives allows manufacturers the ability to bond a variety of surfaces and materials.

Bimbe Trading's innovative line of industrial adhesives are manufactured to meet the needs of customers in various markets. The company's expert staff are always available to work with their clients in selecting an adhesive that will conform to their requirements and quality standards.

Bimbe Trading's range of industrial adhesives:

Tuff Bond

Tuff Bond is a adhesion enhancer for tile adhesives and grouts. It is specifically designed to use in floor finishing in areas which are permanently wet, high traffic areas and where there is likely to be moisture fluctuation. Due to its improvement of the adhesives water resistance and final strength, it is the best adhesion enhancer on the market and is packed in 2.5 and 5 litre containers.

Parquet tile glue

A specially designed wooden tile fitting adhesive which dries to a very strong but flexible film, with a lot of fitting properties. Tuffstuff parquet tile glue is sold in 7kg and 25kg buckets.

Carton adhesive

A PVA water based glue specifically designed for use in paper and paper conversion industries. It is used for carton sealing, corrugated box making and paper to paper lamination. Tuffstuff carton adhesive is sold in 5kg, 20kg buckets and 170kg metal drums with drum liners.

Contact adhesive

Contact adhesive is used for a number of adhesive uses. It is a chloroprene rubber based adhesive, which can be used in the leather and shoe industry, woodworking industry, labelling industry, packaging industry and other miscellaneous uses for DIY stuff. Tuffstuff Contact adhesive is sold in 25ml tubes, 50ml tubes, 250ml tins, 1 litre tins and 5 litre tins.

Wood glue

Wood glue is a PVA based adhesive used in the carpentry and joinery industry. This product is fast setting and cures quickly, thus making it ideally suitable for complex joints. Tuffstuff wood glue is sold in 250ml plastic bottles, 750ml plastic bottles, 2.5 litre and 5kg plastic buckets.

Paper to paper adhesive

A PVA based adhesive that is specifically designed for core winding, paper to paper laminating, cardboard making and carton sealing. It is used in toilet paper manufacturing industries, carton boxes manufactures and printing companies. Tuffstuff paper to paper adhesive is packed in 5kg and 20kg plastic containers and 180kg metal drums with plastic drum liners.

Industrial chemicals and gases
Bimbe Trading Company Ltd · Industrial chemicals and gases

Cleaning products and equipment

Bimbe Trading are manufacturers of domestic and industrial cleaning products that include, but not limited to, oven cleaners, toilet cleaners, electronic component cleaners, degreasers, disinfectants, bleach and spirit of salts. The company is dedicated to providing its customers with the best products and services.

Bimbe Trading's line of cleaning and hygiene products include:

Shinny surface cleaner

Tuffstuff shinny surface cleaner is designed to clean shinny surfaces, painted and unpainted like glass, electrical gadgets, aluminium products and table tops. It gives a long lasting dust repellent effect. It can be diluted with water depending on the time the dirt has accumulated on the surface. Use undiluted to remove the dirt which has built up overtime. It is packed in 2.5, 5 litre and 30 litre containers.

Tuffstuff electronic component cleaner

A waterless cleaner that is designed to clean electrical equipment without the risk of electrical short circuits. It can be used without switching off the machine because it is completely non-conductive. It is packed in 5 litre and 20 litre containers.

Axe industrial cleaner

This is an industrial floor cleaner specially made for degreasing, removal of oils, soils and any other dirt. This product is used in industries, hospitals, clinics, petrol stations, takeaways and shopping malls. Tuffstuff Axe Industrial cleaner is packed in 5 litre containers, it is also packed in 20 and 25 litre containers on request.

Spirit of salt

This is an industrial cleaner specially made for cleaning all sorts of salt deposits boilers, geysers or any other areas where there are slat scales. This can also be used for removal of oils and salts in factories. Spirit of salt cannot be used in soft metal appliances such as aluminium because it contains acid. Tuffstuff spirit of salt is sold in 750ml bottles, 2.5 litres and 5 litres containers.

Other products

  • Engine cleaners and degreasers
  • High strength shampoos for carpets and cars
  • Multipurpose liquid detergents
  • Industrial floor cleaners and shiners
  • Lime descaling agents
  • Sanitation related home care products
Cleaning products and equipment
Bimbe Trading Company Ltd · Cleaning products and equipment
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