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Lusaka, Zambia
Building materials
Bluespan is an established building contractor in Zambia, specialising in the construction of steel lintels, ring beams and permanent decking. It provides related technical support and lintel scheduling for large construction projects. Bluespan offers technical advice to those engaged in building projects regardless of size, from a private house extension to a major housing development or commercial building. Galvanised pressed-steel lintels and purlins reduce the time and effort involved in major aspects of building.

Building materials

Bluespan offers the Zambian building industry four cost-saving building materials – pressed-steel lintels, Spandeck steel decking, quality ring beams and C-lipped purlins. In the time it takes to install just one regular concrete lintel, 20 Bluespan lintels can be installed! Bluespan galvanised lintels are light, strong and easy to install.

Bluespan is dedicated to matching the quality of its products with excellent customer service. It has put in place quality management systems to guarantee the highest standard for its product.

Bluespan lintels

The Bluespan pressed-steel lintel is the modern alternative to the traditional 'cast in-situ' reinforced concrete lintel. This lintel cuts out the need to purchase additional timber shuttering, steel reinforcement (re-bars), sand, stone and cement. Bluespan's pre-fabricated lintels are manufactured from high quality grade galvanised steel to Z275, and the structural performance complies with the requirements of BS 5977: Part 2: 1983 and BS EN 845-2.2003. It has invested in its plant and machinery as well as the latest technologies. The company is dedicated to research and development of the Bluespan lintel and of the building industry in general.

Testing of the pressed-steel lintel

Extensive testing of the Bluespan lintel has been undertaken at the University of Zambia School of Engineering. These lintels have also been independently tested for fire resistance in accordance with the relevant parts of BS476, Methods of Determination of the Fire Resistance of Loadbearing Elements of Construction.

Features of Bluespan lintels

Bluespan lintels offer many benefits to specifiers and builders through a combination of their design, thermal efficiency and corrosion protection. The ease of brick laying directly onto a solid surface eliminates the risk of damage while installing, or any possibility of incorrectly installing a separate DPC membrane. The result is an aesthetically pleasing, clean-line finish above the window head that saves time and cost. Features include:

  • Built in damp proof course - Bluespan lintels offer a unique profile shape that creates an effective barrier and acts as a built-in DPC. As a result any water penetrating into the cavity automatically transfers across the sloping face of the lintel and is disposed of externally.
  • Integral plaster key - Bluespan lintels come complete with an integral plaster key that removes the hazourds of working with a mesh key.
  • Free lintel scheduling - Bluespan offers lintel scheduling, providing a description of each lintel and its location, and guaranteed structural adequacy. For free of charge scheduling, simply send your project drawings, dimensional plans, sections and elevations, floor layout and roof plan, to the Bluespan technical team.

Spandeck steel decking

Spandeck steel decking acts as permanent shuttering for suspended in-situ concrete floor or roof slabs. The 1.2mm steel decking acts as the tensile bottom reinforcement for the concrete slabs, and can be designed as a 'composite' section, reducing the size requirement of the steel beam. The use of Spandeck results in fast construction output and provides a safe working platform. Spandeck is easy to install, instant and strong — ideal for constructing concrete slabs in steel framed sheds and buildings. They are suitable for low or high rise buildings.

Bluespan ring beams

The Bluespan ring beam is a galvanised permanent shuttering system for traditional concrete ring beams for house construction. By using the Bluespan ring beam, no high level timber shuttering and steel reinforcement fixing is required. The permanent shuttering is simply placed on the top of the blocks at the required height and filled with cement and sand mortar. The Bluespan ring beam can be ordered to any required length, for 150mm and 200mm walls. These ring beams can be joined at the corners with Bluespan right angle corner connectors.

Bluespan C-lipped purlins

Bluespan C-lipped purlins are strong and light, with a long serviceable life. Manufactured from quality galvanised steel, they are ideal for most types of roof construction.

Building materials
Bluespan · Building materials


The quality of the steel used for Bluespan building products, together with their optimised design, make them clever alternatives to the concrete lintels, ring beams and wooden shuttering traditionally constructed in-situ. Bluespan also offers C-lipped roofing purlins manufactured to the same high standard as its other products.

Bluespan lintels

Lintel specifications and testing:

  • Bluespan's standard lintels are manufactured from high quality grade galvanised steel to Z275
  • Structural testing complies with BS 5977: Part 2: 1983 and BS EN 845-2.2003
  • Extensive testing of the Bluespan lintels was undertaken at the University of Zambia's School of Engineering
  • Bluespan lintels have been independently tested in accordance with the relevant parts of BS476 (Methods of Determination of the Fire Resistance of Loadbearing Elements of Construction)

Bluespan C-lipped purlins

Manufactured from quality galvanised steel, Bluespan C-lipped purlins are strong, light and have a long serviceable life. They are ideal for most types of roof construction.

Bluespan steel products

  • Bluespan lintels
  • Bluespan Spandeck decking
  • Bluespan ring beams
  • Bluespan C-lipped purlins
Bluespan · Steel
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