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Capital Fisheries Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia
Processing and Distribution
Capital Fisheries is a one-stop wholesalers for all types of fish and sea food at competitive prices. Customers include supermarkets, other retail shops, restaurants, hotels and lodges and individuals throughout Zambia and the region. Capital Fisheries is an established company that sells and distributes freshwater fish and seafood products. Its major product lines include tilapia, buka buka, horse mackerel, red dentex, kapenta (fresh, frozen or dried), ice cubes and frozen potato chips.

Processing and Distribution

Capital Fisheries is the only 'one-stop wholesale fish shop' in Zambia, with over 240 different product lines. Through its packed dry kapenta and different family packs, Capital Fisheries is steadily establishing a well recognised and popular brand that is readily available in supermarkets.

Capital Fisheries is steadily establishing a well recognised and popular brand that is readily available in supermarkets and distributed to individuals, restaurants, hotels and lodges throughout Zambia and the region. New additions to the range of products they distribute are the Ola, Rich's, Sun Quick and Del Monte brands.

Recent developments

Capital Fisheries is in the process of finalising works on a new fish processing plant in Mpulungu. This plant will allow the company to provide a more competitive product to the market. They have also set up Capital Trading and Capital Trucking which will play an integral role in the continued development of Capital Fisheries.

The company has also recently initiated a fish canning initiative for fresh and cooked buka buka in tomato or peri-peri sauce flavours. The project, being developed together with Freshpikt Zambia Ltd, is expected to employ at least 100 employees (mostly women) for pre-canning activities, and is targeting both local and export markets. The company has also added value to its tilapia product line by introducing a rebranded family pack of gutted and scaled tilapia.

Product sources

Tilapia, otherwise known as bream, is sourced from fish farms on Lake Kariba, Kafue River and from local rivers and lakes. Imported tilapia products come from China, Thailand, India and Canada. Dry kapenta is sourced from Lake Kariba and Lake Tanganyika and transported to the Capital fisheries Lusaka plant where it is sorted, weighed and packaged. Horse mackerel is imported from Namibia in refrigerated trucks in frozen blocks which are then thawed, weighed, packed and refrigerated. Other seafood is imported from Namibia and South Africa pre-packed.

History and growth

Capital Fisheries started in 1999 with just one product line – Buka Buka – the company has since expanded to over 240 different products that include both local and imported items. With over 1,200 square meters of storage space, quality fresh and dried fish together with other products, Capital Fisheries has become a market leader, supplying major supermarket chains, retailers and wholesalers throughout the country.Capital Fisheries information

  • All kinds of fresh and dried fish
  • Over 240 product lines
  • Established and consistent product quality
  • Wholesalers and distributors
  • Zambian and imported products
Processing and Distribution
Capital Fisheries Ltd · Processing and Distribution
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