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Chesa Nyama

Lusaka, Zambia
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Conveniently located at Arcades Shopping mall, Chesa Nyama offers traditional and healthy home-style meals that meet different preferences. Their menu includes Value, Celebrity, Combo, Family, Kiddies' and Breakfast meals. They also have Power Deals, Hunger Bustas, salads and drinks. All meals served are prepared to order and are therefore guaranteed to be fresh. The restaurant offers both take-away and eat-in services in a relaxed and casual setting.

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Chesa Nyama serves delicious meals made from choice ingredients, including fresh meats and vegetables. The restaurant offers Russians, boerewors, chicken, brisket, chuck, ribs, chips, nshima, burgers, salads and assorted non-alcoholic drinks. As their slogan states, all meats served are 'Flame Grilled the Traditional Way'.

Value meals

  • Russian sausage and mini chips – ZMW16, add ZMW10 for another Russian
  • Chesa Wors – ZMW17, add nshima and gravy ZMW9 or chips ZMW10
  • Gourmet Wors rolls – ZMW19
  • Chicken burger – ZMW21
  • Beef stew and nshima – ZMW23
  • Jumbo burger – ZMW23, add chips ZMW10 or a cheese slice ZMW3.50
  • Jumbo burger and chips – ZMW30, add ZMW3.50 for a cheese slice

Power deals

  • Chesa Wors and nshima – ZMW25
  • Double Russian sausage and mini chips – ZMW26
  • Kebab stick and mini chips – ZMW28
  • Quarter chicken and mini chips – ZMW28
  • Jumbo burger and chips- ZMW30, add cheese slice – ZMW30
  • Power box (quarter-chicken, nshima and gravy) – ZMW29

Hunger bustas

  • Brisket, nshima and gravy – ZMW30
  • Brisket meal (brisket, mini chips and a roll) – ZMW35
  • Wild wings meal (six wings and mini chips) – ZMW36
  • Lunch box (quarter-chicken, Chesa Wors and mini chips) – ZMW45
  • Braai box (quarter-chicken, Chesa Wors, nshima and gravy) – ZMW45
  • Meat braai box (brisket, Chesa Wors, nshima and gravy – ZMW45

Celebrity meals

  • Chuck and chips – ZMW40
  • Twin box (quarter, brisket and mini chips) – ZMW53
  • T-bone meal – ZMW56
  • Half-chicken meal (half-chicken, mini chips and two rolls) – ZMW56
  • Matebeto meal (quarter-chicken, two Chesa Wors, nshima and gravy) – ZMW60
  • Gimba meal (quarter-chicken, Chesa Wors, 125g chuck, nshima and gravy) – ZMW60

Combo meals

  • Beef stew and a 500ml Coke – ZMW30
  • Double Russian sausage, mini chips and a 500ml Coke – ZMW33
  • Hunger buster (quarter-chicken, mini chips and a 500ml Voke) – ZMW36
  • Wild wings, mini chips and a 500ml Coke – ZMW65
  • Brisket, nshima, gravy and a 500ml Coke – ZMW37
  • Jumbo burger, chips and a 500ml Coke – ZMW39

Family meals

  • Family chicken meal (full-chicken, half Kg chips and two rolls) – ZMW95
  • Family box (full-chicken, small chips, four rolls and coleslaw salad) – ZMW110
  • Big Chesa meal (one brisket, two Chesa Wors, one kebab, small chips, four rolls and a two liter Coke) – ZMW120
  • Chesa bucket meal (two Chesa Wors, half-chicken, two brisket, one kebab and a bucket with nshima and gravy) – ZMW140
  • Famous Chesa ribs: 300g sizzling spare ribs with mini chips- ZMW49 and 600g spare ribs with small chips – ZMW89
  • Chesa kids’ power meal (Chesa Wors, mini chips and a lucky packet) -ZMW25

Breakfast meals

  • Breakfast bun (scrambled eggs, bacon bits and a toasted bun) – ZMW9
  • Sunrise breakfast (two eggs, Russian sausage, 90ml tub baked beans, roll and mini chips) – ZMW25
  • Mixed grill breakfast (one egg, patty, Wors, tomato and chips) – ZMW40


  • T-bone – ZMW49
  • Chesa Wors – ZMW17
  • Brisket – ZMW23
  • Wild wing – ZMW5
  • Russian sausage – ZMW9
  • Chuck – ZMW30
  • Quarter-chicken – ZMW20
  • Half-chicken – ZMW39
  • Full-chicken – ZMW75

Famous Chesa chips

  • Small – ZMW15
  • Medium – ZMW20
  • Large – ZMW30


  • Greek salad – ZMW14
  • Coleslaw salad – ZMW11

On the side

  • Portuguese roll – ZMW3
  • Side veggies – ZMW7
  • Nshima and gravy – ZMW8
  • Extra egg – ZMW3
  • Extra cheese – ZMW3.50

Chesa Nyama aims to ensure that the current prices on this page are up-to-date. However, prices may be changed at any time without prior notice.

Take away restaurant
Chesa Nyama · Take away restaurant
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