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Classic Computers Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia
Business management software
Payroll and HR services
Classic Computers are accredited Sage Gold Business Partners. They offer Sage software that equips individuals, businesses and accountants with the information, insight and tools they need to succeed. The company provides users a wide variety of software and services that encompasses accounting and finance, payroll, Human Resource (HR), business management, payment services and Client Relations Management (CRM).


Classic Computers provides easy to use Sage accounting software that can be tailored to meet the needs of sole traders, start-ups, small businesses and accountants. Choose from an array of desktop or online accounting software that allows you to invoice clients, evaluate business performance and manage Value Added Tax (VAT), stock, budgets and more.

Classic Computers provides the following Solutions for Accountants and bookkeepers in Zambia:

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Accountants Edition allows you to view all of your accounting clients in one place, making it easy to manage and access. You get access to exactly the same accounting functionality as your clients, plus added features to help you manage your clients and tasks. This accounting solution is available to Sage Business Cloud Accounting Qualified Advisers only.

Sage Pastel Accountants Forum

Sage Pastel has been a trusted name in accounting software since 1989. These world class products are now used in over 52 countries across the globe. Many clients already use Sage Pastel, and more are moving onto Sage Pastel every day. It is important for you to keep up-to-date with the latest products and developments. It has always been part of the strategy to team up with the accounting fraternity and to ensure a program is developed that caters for the needs of accountants in the accountants forum. Accountants recommend Sage Pastel because their products are designed by accountants for accountants, and membership to the Sage Pastel Accountants Forum is exclusively for registered accounting professionals. The Forum is designed to provide you, the accounting professional, with the essential means for providing a total service to your clients.

Sage Pastel Bookkeepers Forum

Membership to the Sage Pastel Bookkeepers Forum is exclusively for registered accounting professionals. The Forum is designed to provide you, the bookkeeping professional, with the essential means for providing a total service to your clients.

Personal Finances with Sage Pastel MyMoney

This is an online personal finance management tool brought to you by Sage Pastel. Synonymous with trusted accounting software, Sage Pastel is the ideal partner on your road to personal financial success. Sage Pastel MyMoney enables users to:

  • Track your spending: Use the expense categories or add your own, Sage Pastel MyMoney will remember these every time to help you analyse your expenses.
  • Control your budget: Easily create a budget based on your historical spending, compare your actual spending to your budget so that you know what is left.
  • Get total visibility: See all your bank balances and transactions in one place, with Sage Pastel MyMoney you finally get the entire picture.
  • Reach your goals: See how your spending decisions affect how much you have left each month, you will know what you can do today to save more tomorrow.
Classic Computers Ltd · Software

Business management software

This package enables users to manage finances, sales, customer service and inventories. The Sage business management solutions software is available in the cloud or on-premise. This package offers a perfect alternative to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for businesses who want to increase their agility and productivity.


Classic Computers provides the following Sage software packages:

Business Cloud Enterprise Management

Fully web based, all in one business management solution offering new levels of power and flexibility. It is functionally advanced, simple to use and cost effective.

  • Ideal for medium to enterprise sized companies in the manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, retail and service industries
  • Intuitive, simple to use and fully web enabled and mobile
  • Supports multiple legislations, languages ​​and currencies
  • Multi-company, multi-site with inter-company processes
  • Graphical business processes and workflow functionality
  • Reporting and fully integrated Business Intelligence
  • Quick to implement - nationally and internationally


Formerly known as Sage ERP Accpac, this is a powerful business management software solution that helps you streamline internal operations to help sales, marketing, finance, and operations work as a single team to keep customers happy and your business competitive.

  • Medium to large-sized businesses
  • Anytime, anywhere access to transactional data with true Web screens across financials
  • Financials, operationals and inventory, sales, marketing and customer service
  • Supports multiple companies, currencies and languages
  • Workflow and process tools
  • Personalised KPI homepage dashboard and robust business intelligence tools

100 Evolution

This software solution manages all operational aspects of your business. It enables you to control your financials as well as relationships with your customers, suppliers, and employees. Developed within the Sage 100 Evolution Framework, all components and modules are fully integrated and they share a common interface, providing you with a consistent user experience.

  • Suitable for small and medium size businesses
  • A cost-effective solution built on the latest technology
  • Provides complete control of all business operations
  • Simple, easy to use features
  • Additional functionality through add-ons
  • One reliable management experience

Evolution Premium

This is a market-leading software solution full of the features and functionality you need to control your business and gain complete visibility over your operations. Sage Evolution Premium integrates with a vast array of additional modules, making it easily customisable to fit your business needs.

  • Business management for large enterprises
  • Configurable and customisable to suit your business needs
  • Business management software with additional modules spanning all operations
  • A cost-effective solution built on the latest technology
  • Delivers a holistic picture of your business
  • Microsoft’s SQL server database ensuring data integrity and a consistent user-interface

Client Relations Management (CRM) software

The Sage Customer Relationship Management software (Sage CRM) helps businesses grow their relationships with customers. The software allows you to organise and automate communications and activities across all customer-facing departments, which includes sales, marketing and customer service. Sage CRM gives you access to local and international support and is the perfect tool for small to mid-market companies with up to several hundred users.

  • Easy to use with simple navigation
  • Access anywhere with rich CRM functionality across multiple mobile platforms
  • Available on-premise or in the cloud
  • Highly customisable and scalable solution that grows alongside your business
  • Integrates with key Sage solutions for a complete understanding of your customers
  • Offers you rapid return on your investment and low total cost of ownership

Business Intelligence

Classic Computers provides software offering business reports that can be customised with ease, enabling you to gain greater insight into your data using Microsoft Excel.

300 Intelligence Reporting

A flexible, Excel-based, business intelligence reporting solution that integrates with Sage 300, a global business management tool. It extracts data from Sage 300 and delivers it in a Microsoft Excel format that is easy to understand and manipulate, putting you in control of the design of your reports. Essentially, Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting empowers you to:

  • Use your existing Microsoft Excel knowledge to easily write and edit reports, giving you instant visibility across your business
  • Spend more time focusing on analysis and interpretation of your information and less time pulling the data together
  • Design customised reports that suit your business’s unique requirements

Enterprise Intelligence

Provides users with a business intelligence solution that is intuitive and simple to use and users benefit from accessing real-time information in a self-sufficient manner. The tight and secure integration of Sage Enterprise Intelligence with your Sage business management solution ensures data integrity and the reliability of critical business information.

  • Integrates to both Sage Enterprise Management and Sage 300
  • Reduce time spent on business analysis and reporting
  • Empower users to analyse and report on information in a self sufficient manner
  • Simplify and accelerate the distribution of information across the organization, for coherent and better-informed decision making

Evolution Intelligence Reporting

An excel-based business intelligence tool that makes customising and distributing reports a breeze, ultimately allowing you to design reports that are relevant to your business’s unique requirements and improving collaboration across teams.

Pastel Payroll Intelligence Reporting

Interactive payroll reporting in Microsoft Excel for smarter business decisions.

  • Support directly from Sage experts: Intelligence Reporting is a Sage product so you talk to Sage experts whenever you need help or advice.
  • Reports are ready to use: Ready-to-use reports are already formatted for you and in order to run a report all you do is select the information you want to report on.
  • Reports are easy to customise: Customise a ready-to-use report or simply create one from scratch using this powerful reporting tool.
  • Save time with report automation: You don’t have to export your data to Excel and report outside of Sage Pastel Payroll; reports are always linked to your data source.

VIP Intelligence Reporting

Get instant insight into your business with powerful reports from your Sage VIP Payroll data that help you analyse trends and business performance.

  • Complete control over your finances: Leverage the flexible reports to manage your finances better and ensure your business succeeds.
  • Reports are easy to customise
  • Software that suits your business’ needs: Intelligence Reporting is scalable; you can add or remove users, companies and reports to match your business’ needs.
  • Save time with report automation: You don’t have to export your data to Excel and report outside of Sage Pastel Payroll; reports are always linked to your data source.

Business Cloud Enterprise Management

  • Enjoy ready-to-use reports: You get a financial report template that caters to all your reporting needs including both financial and analytical data.
  • Get instant visibility across your business: Get a snapshot view of data from different sources with graphs, charts and slicers that make it easy to see what’s going on in your business.
  • Tweak reports or create new ones: Customise a ready-to-use report or create one from scratch using Excel and Intelligence Reporting tools.
  • Make smarter business decisions: Spend more time analysing and interpreting your information to make smarter decisions and less time putting reports together.

Business Cloud Accounting Intelligence Reporting

This is a reporting tool within Sage Business Cloud Accounting that offers you ready-to-use reports that you can run and use as is, or edit to suit your business needs. Editing the report allows you to insert a logo, as well as add or remove rows and columns. You can also easily create reports from scratch using the intuitive functions in Intelligence Reporting. What’s more, you can save your custom layouts so you don’t have to re-create them each time you run your reports.

If you want to have full control in editing your reports, you can open them in Excel®. But, it won’t be the usual data dump—your Excel reports will still be linked to Sage Business Cloud Accounting, which means that they will always be based on the latest values.

Business management software
Classic Computers Ltd · Business management software

Payroll and HR services

Classic Computers provides HR and payroll software that is recognised by SARS (South African Revenue Services) and complies with all of the latest payroll legislation. Whether you have one employee, or ten thousand, their software makes running your HR office simple. If you don't want to run your payroll in-house, you can leave it in safe hands with the Classic Computers payroll outsourcing service.

Talent solutions and recruitment

With more options to solve your recruitment needs, Sage SkillsMap complements its existing recruitment service. This purpose-built software system allows you to manage the process - faster and at a lower cost. It automatically pre-filters the career profile of each candidate, consolidates data and tracks placements.

  • Recruitment software that’s easy and simple to use
  • Instant access to a reliable online recruitment platform
  • 3-in-1 tool that targets the right candidates for each position
  • Applicant Tracking System runs the recruitment process for you

Payment solutions

Classic Computers provides simple and secure online payment Sage Pay packages for your business.

Salary and supplier payments

  • Extensive reporting and audit trails together with payment notifications allow you to be in control of every aspect of a transaction.
  • Extra security - For added security you can decide on the levels of access, the number of authorisers per batch, and use one time pins to authorise payments.
  • Flexible payment options - flexible payment options ensure that all payments reflect on the same date in the beneficiaries’ account, irrespective of where the bank account is held.
  • Peace of mind - Ensure that you pay money into the correct bank account by using our bank account verification service.
  • Save money - Take advantage of our reduced transaction fees when you process salary payments directly from your Sage software.
  • Save time - By using bank account validation you will avoid unnecessary last minute rejections when processing payments. You have the peace of mind that all payments will be accepted by the banks on payday.

Risk reports

Gain access to a range of risk management services including credit checks from multiple credit bureaus and business registration verifications from CIPC.

Pay Now

An online payment gateway which allows you to collect payments in real time from your customers via Instant EFT, Bank EFT, credit cards, cash payments and MasterPass™.

Debit Order Collections

Gives you access to three debit order collection services on your Sage Pay account, allowing you to collect once-off or recurring payments from your customer’s bank account or credit cards.

NAEDO - Non-Authenticated Early Debit Orders

Allows you to capture details for recurring and non-recurring NAEDO transactions online, providing you with the ability to track bank accounts over a period of time by repeatedly presenting the debit order for approval.

Payroll and HR services
Classic Computers Ltd · Payroll and HR services
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