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Livingstone, Zambia
Euma Tours offers chauffeur driven transfer services in Livingstone, Zambia, particularly Livingstone Airport transfers and transport from your accommodation to adventure activities and sightseeing attractions. They are proud to offer personalized local tour packages, customised to meet your individual and family needs as you travel Zambia. Groups are deliberately small to keep services customer-focused, friendly, and fun!


Euma Tours is proud to offer airport transfer services that are affordable and stress free. It's a great way to transfer from the airport to your hotel or safari lodge. Airport transfers are in comfortable air conditioned chauffeur driven cars with courteous english speaking drivers.

Zambian owned and operated, Euma Tours is proud to offer Livingstone airport transfer services that are affordable and stress free.

Economical and environmentally friendly shared services are often arranged and are guaranteed to make no more than three stops. Livingstone has become a popular destination of choice for people visiting the Victoria Falls.

Euma Tours can arrange your transfers from accommodation to adventure activities like rafting, bungee jumping, microlighting and Zambezi River cruises and you can use Euma Tours to visit sightseeing attractions including city sites.

If you are visiting Livingstone take the hassle out of your holiday transport needs and let Euma Tours arrange your transportation to and from local destinations.

Economical and environmentally friendly shared services are often arranged and are guaranteed to make no more than 3 stops.Livingstone transfer information

  • Chauffeur driven transfer services
  • Personalised friendly service
  • Comfortable air conditioned vehicles
  • Courteous English speaking drivers
  • Car sharing with no more than three stops
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Travel Zambia and visit the top tourist sites and the Victoria Falls. Euma Tours is a local tour operator who can also organise airport transfers. If you have children, they will recommend the best places to visit based on their ages and the family's interests and budget. It also organises a wide variety of tours.

Euma Tours can also advise those with time constraints on how to get the most out of their visit to Livingstone, Zambia.

Aerial view of the Victoria Falls

This Livingstone tour package allows you to fully appreciate the incredible size of the Victoria Falls, and the awesome power of the water as it carves into deep zig-zagging gorges along the Zambezi River for eight kilometres. One must see this from the air. Micro-light, fixed wing and helicopter flights are available. Fly over the huge two kilometre rent in the earth and enjoy the breathtaking sight of this magnificent natural phenomena.

A guided tour of the Victoria Falls, Livingstone

Combine this Livingstone tour package with a sunset river cruise and you have an excellent way to appreciate the Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River in Zambia. Euma Tours will put you in the safe hands of trusted operators that will be your guides while you have the adventure of a lifetime! Your guide will show you the steep descent within the gorge into which the water drops. Well-worn steps make it a fairly easy descent. Coming up is of course a little more strenuous. But from this vantage point you can also see up to the impressive Victoria Falls Bridge, spanning the gorge over 100 meters above. The Victoria Falls Bridge affords a magnificent view of the gorge on the one side and the Falls on the other. The depth of the gorge can be fully appreciated from this perspective. The 360 degree view from the bridge is breathtaking, with the sea green river below, the shiny black rock face and lush green foliage.

Chobe National Park tour package

Euma Tours can take you for a day trip to Chobe National Park in Botswana. Chobe is located about 40 kilometres upstream from the Victoria Falls, just a pontoon ride across the Zambezi River into Botswana.

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