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Europa Plus Casino

Lusaka, Zambia
Europa Plus Casino offers international gaming standards with weekly promotions. All tables are of the highest quality so that your gaming experience is both enjoyable and authentic. The company prides itself on the ability to offer quality casino equipment. The prestige bar provides an outstanding collection of beverages and cuisines. Guests can also watch football matches. The experienced team of professionals are available to make your gaming experience the best it can be.


Europa Plus Casino offers a wide variety of games in a relaxed setting with great bonuses including the popular poker, blackjack, caribbean, oasis (5-card), texas (7-card), and a range of slot machines. The casino has different tables operating in both kwacha and dollars. Trained croupiers will be pleased to explain every game to you.

Types of poker

  • Caribbean poker (has increasing payouts)
  • Five (5) card poker – players can change 1, 2 or 5 cards and buy game for dealer for 1 ante)
  • Six (6) card poker – you can change the 6th card twice and buy game for dealer for 1 ante)
  • Texas poker (7 card poker with the opportunity to change 1 or 2 cards)

Euro Poker Guests have the opportunity to change any amount of cards or buy a 6th card for 1 ante. This poker also has insurance from no game for dealer and buying game for dealer. This type of poker has double combinations for players, only for example, flush and straight. Europa Plus Casino gambling sections includes:

  • Slot machines Players can place their bets in the Kwacha section
  • Kwacha hall All bets in this area are made in Kwacha including high stakes
  • Dollar / VIP area Europa Plus Casino has a special dollar area also known as VIP section. In this area everything goes from the lowest to the highest possible bets.

Food and Drink Enjoy live football matches whilst having drinks – choose from a wide range of alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages. Europa Plus Casino has a wide range of cuisines to suit your preferences.

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