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Fast Motor Service

Lusaka, Zambia
Car servicing and repairs
Fast Motor Service is the first ever automated car wash in Zambia! The machines clean the vehicle everywhere, even in places not normally touched by hand or other car washes – like under the vehicle where mud and other dirt may accumulate. The services offered are unique to Zambia and probably the region. Staff are on hand to carry out additional cleaning to ensure your car is spotless. Enjoy the experience in the luxurious family waiting area with plasma screen TV and refreshments.

Car servicing and repairs

Fast Motor Service offers quality, advanced car washing and engine cleaning services for any vehicle in a professional in-bay service with an emphasis on efficiency. The company has automated machinery and equipment, and uses special cleaning products designed for a quality finish and maintenance programme.

The automated car wash is carried out securely, quickly and efficiently, making the service very convenient. To bring out the best results, Fast Motor Services commit to training their staff in all aspects of their services.

In addition, Fast Motor Service has a state of the art waiting room where you and your family can be entertained while your car is being attended to, with fully stocked car shop for the latest accessories.

Mobile unit

For those who are too busy to bring their cars to the car wash, Fast Motor Services have a mobile unit to carry out car cleaning at clients' own premises.


The company runs a membership scheme for customers who wish to take advantage of Fast Motor Services on a regular basis.

Exterior cleaning service

Basic wash of the exterior of the vehicle. Involves your vehicle passing through the water sprayer and is designed for people in hurry.

Interior cleaning service

Basic washing of interior of the vehicle which involves hoovering and cleaning of interior surfaces, and removal of marks wherever possible. This is a quick quality clean.

Interior dry-cleaning

A thorough hygienic clean of your vehicle interior, using organic solvents to remove soil and dissolve grease and other stains from car fabric – no shrinkage, distortion or colour loss. This service can remove years of ingrained dirt and grime, and reduce car odours.

Engine wash

Engine surfaces and the area around engine pipes are quickly but thoroughly cleaned by trained staff using special equipment and engine cleaning products, removing dirt and oil spillages on engine surfaces and in areas not reachable by ordinary shampoo and cleaning methods. This service improves performance and durability and a coating is applied to keep rubber hoses from cracking and drying out.

Ozone disinfection

Ozone is a powerful disinfectant generated on-site at Fast Motor Service. It is for the control of odour and stops the build up of pathogens, bacteria, yeast and mildew.

Steam disinfection

The most natural, chemical free cleaning process with no possibility of residues. The pressure of the steam removes any bacteria or pests. It is safe and affordable.

Air conditioning cleaning

Cleans the vehicle's air conditioning system to provide a fresh and pleasant driving environment that helps saves fuel. This service kills bacteria, algae, fungi and other micro organisms, removing dust and odours as well as eye, throat and nose irritations.

Leather seat cleaning

This involves cleaning and treating leather seating for long term preservation and appearance. It improves leather resistance to stains and allergens as well as damage and cracks.

Polishing and waxing

This service involves cleaning and shining of the car's paint leaving a deep high-gloss shine with a non abrasive coating which protects the paint finish and microscopically fills in the dents and dimples. The process makes it easier to remove oily stains, insect stains and dust particles.


With rich emollients and nourishing aid, the glazing process gives the ultimate deep, mirror-like gloss.

Film coating

In this process, the car is coated with a thin layer of polymeric material, protecting its paint from moisture, sunlight and acid rain. It makes the car easier to clean and repairs scratches.

Other services

Fast Motor Service also offers automated brake fluid changing, automated engine oil flushing, automatic transmission fluid cleaning, fuel injection system cleaning, gear box oil changing and cooling system changing.

Fast Motor Services offer

  • State-of-the-art vehicle cleaning services
  • A wide range of engine cleaning services
  • A comfortable waiting area suitable for the family
  • A mobile unit
  • Membership privileges
Car servicing and repairs
Fast Motor Service · Car servicing and repairs
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