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Focus Group

Lusaka, Zambia
Corporate finance
Business general Insurance
Business life insurance
This company was incorporated to provide world class financial services, investment banking, general insurance and life assurance to individuals and corporates. Since inception, Focus Group has continued to grow their product and services portfolio to meet the needs of a broad range of clients. The company's business model was built with passion for small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) and tailored to mirror the same level of energy as is evident in this highly underserved sector.

Corporate finance

Focus Financial Services is one of the leading small and medium scale enterprise (SME) financiers in Zambia. The company offers its clients working capital solutions that are tailored to create an opportunity for SMEs to build their capacity in order to participate in economic activities.

Ranging from ZMW50,000 to ZMW2,500,000, Focus Financial Services offers an array of working capital products for small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) that are tailored to enhance growth and long-term sustainability. Their working capital products include invoice discounting, bridge finance, order finance and bill discounting.

Working capital products

Invoice discounting

  • 28 day working capital financing product
  • Provides immediate cash against a confirmed invoice
  • Up to 70% of the invoice can be discounted

Bridge finance

  • 28 to 56 day product that provides advance cash against future but certain cash receipts
  • Helps bridge a financing gap during performance of an order

Order finance

  • 56 day product providing short term working capital
  • Provides finance for an order yet to be performed

Bills discounting

  • Discount up to 70% of the value of post-dated cheques received for the payment of goods and services

Features and benefits

Invoice discounting

  • Improves a company's credit rating
  • Enhances bargaining
  • Company ensures time value of money benefits
  • Focus Financial Services chargers a non-refundable processing fee which is paid upfront
  • Product eliminates financing shocks arising from unexpected demands of a client’s corporate customers

Order and bridge finance

  • Helps clients free cash for critical business expenses and other working capital requirements
  • This helps clients get discounts on purchases from suppliers


  • Application cover letter
  • Certificate of registration
  • Board resolution
  • Proof of business premises that include a utility bill or lease agreement
  • Director's identity that includes a copy of NRC or valid driver’s license
  • Director's passport sized photos
  • Three month bank statements
  • Copy of purchase order or contract
  • Stamped copies of invoices to be discounted
Corporate finance
Focus Group · Corporate finance

Business general Insurance

Targeting previously uninsured segments that include the micro, small and medium scale enterprises (MSMEs) as well as individuals, Focus General Insurance offers a wide selection of general insurance products and services including motor, marine, material, agriculture, casualty (liability and accident) and miscellaneous.

The company also provides risk management services to existing and potential clients. Focus General Insurance is committed to improving access to insurance products and services for its clients in order to protect what they have worked so hard to build and achieve, by offering a wide range of insurance products and services to serve the cross-cutting needs in the market.

Products and services


Under motor insurance, Focus General Insurance offers:

Comprehensive insurance

This policy covers:

  • Accidental or fire damage to a client’s motor vehicle
  • Loss of vehicle, spare parts or accessories
  • Protection and removal after accident
  • Third party liabilities such as damage to property, death or injury
  • Riot and strike (non-political)

Full third party

Focus General Insurance provides cover against:

  • Third party liabilities (property, death or injury)

Transit – Covered by Marine policy

Marine open cover

This provides automatic cover for regular imports and exports on a blanket basis or declaration basis, against losses and damage to the goods and from causes not specifically excluded on the policy. Terms and conditions are agreed upon at inception.

Marine specific

The policy is issued to clients whose imports or exports are not regular and it covers losses and damage to the goods from causes not specifically excluded on the policy. Cover ceases after goods are delivered.

Goods in transit

This is an annual policy , covering goods whilst in transit on land, road, air or rail within Zambia.

Material Damage – Covered by fire policy

Fire and allied liabilities

The company offers cover against:

  • Damage caused by fire, lightning, explosions, earthquake, storm, flood, bursting or overflowing
  • Impact or collision involving horses, cattle, aircrafts, road vehicles, or any other aerial devices

Business interruption

This policy provides cover against the loss of profits and continuing fixed expenses resulting from a break in, commercial activities due to the occurrences of loss, destruction, or damage covered under the fire policy (material damage), to the property used by the insured.

Office comprehensive

The policy provides cover for loss or damage to office equipment, furniture and records against:

  • Theft (excluding theft of personal effects) of the insured or his employees
  • Accidental damage, loss to office equipment and machinery whilst away from premises.

House owners or landlords

The policy covers the loss of rent receivables caused by an insured liability.

House holders or tenants

The Focus Group provides cover against theft accompanied by violence and forcible entry into or exit from the building as well as accidental damage or loss of contents whilst temporarily away from the premises.

Assets all risks comprehensive

Provides cover against loss, damage or destruction of the insured property resulting from any accidental cause during the period of insurance or any subsequent period for which the company accepts a renewal premium.


Encompassing crop, livestock and fisheries, this policy covers losses from adverse weather events including drought, excessive rains and storms. The policy is geared to ensure that farmers cope with major losses due uncertainties that they may face.

Casualty – Accident and Liability

This policy provides cover against the insured from legal liability claims presented by third parties in the event of an accident, bodily injury or damage to property that may be caused by the faulty or negligent act of workmen of the insured or of his sub-contractors.



The following are offered;

  • Bid bonds
  • Performance bonds
  • Warehouse bonds


This policy covers loss of money belonging to the insured whilst such money is in transit or on the insured’s business premises. The policy may also cover:

  • Loss or damage to safes and strong rooms used for storage of money resulting from theft or any attempted threat.
  • Loss of money arising from a hold-up, robbery or any attempted threat


This policy covers loss or damage to property contained in the business premises through forcible and violent entry or exit from the premises. The policy also covers damage to premises in the course of the theft or any attempt threat up to a stated limit.

Group personal accident

This policy covers accidental bodily injury or death caused solely through external violent visible means to individuals whether employed or not.

Fidelity guarantee

This policy covers direct financial loss sustained by the insured as a result of fraud or dishonesty of their payment employees, which result in dishonest personal financial gain for the employees concerned.

Public liability

This policy covers all sums, which the insured shall become legally liable to pay as damages including all litigation expenses incurred but only with consent of the insurers from:

  • Accidental death of or bodily injury to members of the public arising in connection with the insured’s business.
  • Illness or disease contracted by members of the public arising in connection with the insured’s business.
  • Accidental loss or damage to property belonging to members of the public arising in connection with their business.

Employers liability

This policy covers an insured’s liability as an employer for the death, bodily injury or disease caused during the period of the insurance to an employee out of the course of their employment.

Professional indemnity

This policy will indemnify the insured against their legal liability for damages and claimant’s costs and expenses in respect of claims for breach of professional duty;

  • Firstly made against the insureds against the insured by reason of neglect, error or omission.
  • Secondly,those occurring or committed in good faith and in connection with conduct of the practice.

All risks

This policy covers loss or damage to the whole part of the property described in the schedule whilst anywhere in the world by any accident or misfortune not otherwise excluded.

Business general Insurance
Focus Group · Business general Insurance


Designed to meet the needs of private, corporate and public clients, Focus Capital provides investment banking solutions that give businesses an opportunity to expand their businesses. The company has a team of well-trained staff that help clients realise their objectives to make them move to next level of growth.

With several years of team experience in investment and corporate banking, this company has raised capital in various forms including working capital, debt capital and equity capital.

Focus Capital investment banking solutions give businesses an opportunity to:

  • Expand
  • Undertake new projects
  • Restructure their business
  • Have a joint venture or partnership

Focus products and services

Debt capital markets

This company assists clients to raise debt capital to finance their operations and growth, as well as expansion programs. Focus Capital facilitates market intermediation between issuers and investors; carrying out valuations, risk assessments and pricing of security instruments, and underwriting through buying of securities at a discount to on-sell to investors.

Equity capital markets

This product gives businesses an opportunity to raise equity capital for operations and expansion projects and includes a variety of other equity transactions for strategic purposes of clients including exit strategies for shareholders via initial public offering (IPO) and secondary market offerings.


Being a licensed dealer in securities, this company buys and sells securities in order to facilitate trading, liquidity and pricing of securities. The company's underwriting services also provides assurance of the funds being raised.

Structured finance and transaction advisory

Focus Group provides complex structured financing solutions and tax planning advisory to meet the financing needs and objectives of its client. The company's solutions are premised on leveraging the available fiscal advantages through transaction structuring, corporate reorganizations and business reconfiguration. Focus Capital takes full knowledge of the confines of their domestic and international taxation laws and ensure that their clients comply at all times with the applicable financial legislations.

Mergers and acquisitions

With the aim of creating and realising the most out of a transaction, this involves buying, selling, dividing and combining of assets and business entities. Focus Capital provides buy-side and sell-side advisory on mergers and acquisitions which involves carrying out due diligences, valuations, negotiations, pricing and structuring transactions, as well as providing procedures for implementation.

Focus Group · Investment

Business life insurance

With a wide array of life assurance plans, Focus Life Assurance aims to secure the lives of their clients by giving them an opportunity to live life today while the company focuses on their future and that of their loved ones. This policy is designed to ensure that the client's family is provided for and educational needs are taken care of.

The company’s plans are tailored to help clients safeguard themselves and their families in the event of injury or death. Focus Life Assurance offers a wide selection of flexible, efficient and customer focused life assurance solutions that include:

Individual plans

Focus yield plan

  • Savings to increase a retirement package
  • Financial protection to the immediate family
  • Generates investment interest

Focus endowment plan

  • Provides life assurance to the immediate family
  • Pays sum assured plus accrued bonuses at maturity
  • Pays a lump sum cash benefit every five years for terms more than five years (optional)

Focus educare plan

  • Plan covers the client’s child’s education fees
  • To provide a payment of the sum assured plus accrued bonuses
  • Clients choose any amount not less than ZMW20,000

Focus baby care plan

  • Company pays a sum assured plus accrued bonuses to the child at maturity
  • Focus life pays future premiums in the event of premature death of the life assured before maturity
  • The policy pays regularly amounts to the child in an event of death of the life assured

Focus multiple plan

  • There is no waiting period
  • It can be used as collateral to secure loans from certain banks

Focus lifetime plan

  • The policy remains in force for the insured’s entire lifetime
  • The policy provides financial protection for immediate family
  • You can access a loan against the policy after two years

Travel insurance

  • Covers the traveller’s medical expenses, death and repatriation of remains locally or internationally
  • Travel insurance covers premature return of insured in case of bereavement
  • In cases of wrongful detention or hijacking, the company’s travel insurance policy provides quick assistance to ensure safety of the insured
  • Funeral insurance is offered at discounted rates

Family plans

Focus sunset plan – Family

  • Covers funeral expenses
  • Funeral parlors cover, actual burial logistics
  • Peace of mind due to guaranteed decent departure

Medical cover

  • Covers medical expenses
  • Can be accessed by either individuals or families

Category of choice for medical cover includes;

  • Access (tailor made)
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Executive

Group plans

Group life assurance

  • Yearly renewable taken out by the employer for employees as a group
  • Covers future income loss due to the death of the income provider, in order to insure that dependants are not left as destitutes
  • Protects employers against having to fund this benefit, which is their moral obligation

Credit life

  • Lump sum benefit equal to the value of an individual’s loan amount is paid to the loan provider
  • Total and permanent disability benefit
  • Accident medical cover
  • Critical illness benefit

Focus sunset group plan

  • For funeral cover, a lump sum payment is paid out on the death of a member’s spouse, children, parents and parents in law if selected
  • Provides peace of mind to the family due to guaranteed decent departure
  • Protects employers against having to fund benefit out of cash flow
Business life insurance
Focus Group · Business life insurance
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